Sunday, January 14, 2007

Barry took this shot of me outside York Minster yesterday, I really wanted to show Ali (blog) the hairband I made after she put a photo of one that she had hand knitted on her blog. I copied the shape of hers but made it in minutes on my knitting machine and sewed it up just before we left for York on Saturday glad I did, it was blowing a hooli!!

If you click the photo below it will take you to my photos from York and this photo will take you to Barry's album, but don't forget to hold down ctrl as you click to open it in a new window!


HReneeH said...

Marianne I love the hairband it is much like what I used to use when I rode horses in the winter to keep the ears warm without having to wear a hat. Your whole family (seen daughters blog) is so creative you must be thrilled!

Faerynuff said...

Looks great! The wind is coming back so you'll be wearing it lots.

Barry's photo's are gorgeous :)

Lots of love
Ali x

Gary said...

Can you knit one for my paramotor Marianne! Looking good. :thumbs:

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