Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well today we had some weather...really bad weather, still have in fact, wind and rain, really strong gusty winds!! We kept getting power cuts too which was really annoying as I was waiting to hear if i was going to be mentioned on the radio, I had emailed a show with a comment and thought I might get heard. The power went just as the show came on the air and i had no radio, so annoying.....however, Barry was on his way home and he had a radio in his car so we went for a drive for the duration of the show...needless to say I didn't get a mention but at least it was warm in the car!

Why the photo of Betty Boop? Well, I was trying to take a photo from my bedroom window, there was a rainbow briefly which dissappeared when i got my camera together so the shot was pretty boring...Betty caught my eye, she lives on top of one of the small speakers from my stereo system, she does get dusty and frowns a lot of the time! ;^)


Faerynuff said...

She looks like she is floating :)

I thought you might be interested in this

I've signed up, for the lower price range swap.

picperfic said...

thanks my Ali...I have signed up for it! xx

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