Friday, February 02, 2007

Look what I got!

These four cones cost £15.95....three of them are pure wool/cashmere, the colours aren't quite as they are in real life but to be honest, the warehouse is filthy and they are all covered in dirty dust! The largest paler cone is an acrylic mix with a sparkly fibre in it, just right for little girls with an aversion to itchy wool! The detail is better in the larger photo, the sparkley bits really show up well!
......this table full of very dirty yarn cost me just £5, you could get as much as possible into a large binbag, so I did!! Most of the cones have been used a bit but I know there is plenty left for me to play with! I am now going to knit some tension swatches and then wash and dry them. Some of them I will give a wash in the machine to see what they 'felt' like. All the yarns are covered in a waxy oil to keep the fibres together so they run through the knitting machine smoothly. Hanging on the dresser, you can see the Hoody I have made for Maisie, it is waiting for a final pressing. The hood was way too long but I did a bit of cut and sew and marked my pattern accordingly so I don't make the same mistake again.

Happy Knitting Weekend Bloggers!

Now where shall I start......


talj said...

Lovely photos and I hope you have lots of fun this weekend! :o)

Marianne said...

Ooooooh! How lovely! and what a bargain! (from the sounds of it, myself not knowing how the money and amounts work there but it all sounds fabulous!)
That's a beautiful hoodie you made for Maisie, now...when did you start it? You are one very fast knitter!
Bazza? Aye, I'm glad you know who it is because I've no idea. heh.

picperfic said...

I can make a jumper in a day on my knitting machine! I started Maisie's jumper on Wednesday and finished it yesterday. Bazza is a bit special you know..... ;^)

Faerynuff said...

He's a very special man indeed xxx

I love Maisie's jumper, she'll look beautiful in it :)

Glad to see you are building up your stash again!

Marianne said...

Well then, Bazza comes with the high regards, tell him thanks for stopping by and I'm glad he enjoyed the dancing kites!

CG said...

Came here via Talj's blog..what a beautiful portrait of Emilia :)

That wool looks a real bargain - all I can knit is scarves but I find it very relaxing.

AB said...

Oooh, lots and lots to play with! :) Happy knitting - looks like so much fun.

Pat said...

Hi Marianne! Wow! You are making me jealous! LOL

I gave my Passap knitting machine to my sister as photography has just taken over my life now.

I have a few bags of cone yarn if you want it!


PS come and visit my blog!

Pat said...

Love your portrait of Emilia! She's beautiful!

Now, about those poppy buds... ;)

picperfic said...

ha ha Pat.....why don't you just move nearer to me so we can have a chat, a coffee and maybe we could come to some deal over that yarn? ;^) Poppies...erm....well maybe once i get a garden of my own to grow some in....I think that maybe this is the year to do just that!!

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