Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Maid Marian

I have been designing's great fun but I get a few problems along the way, like these sleeves for instance, I just knew they were going to be a bit too short but I know that Ali will be able to press another inch or two into them (the beauty of pure wool eh?) Ali kept telling me about this wonderful cardi that Maid Marian (image 2 is the one of the cardi)was wearing in the TV series recently. I hunted high and low for an image that would show me some detail. I found one and though I might be able to make one in a similar style. I have to say that before the yarn was washed it was absolutley filthy with sticky oily dust and it has come up a lot brighter than I though it would. I sent it to Ali yesterday about 4.30pm and she phoned me just now to tell me it's arrived! Now that was quick!
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Marianne said...

Aye, and she's a beauty of a sweater!

Is that a good series to watch? It looks like it would be, they have such crap on tv here, but that looks like something I would really enjoy!

We do get some British made programs here (on our PBS) and I generally like them very much, the actors all look like real people...ya know? I love that.

talj said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun and the sweater looks so pretty :o)

CG said...

That's a very flattering style: i'd love one!!

picperfic said...

That Robin Hood series is excellent Marianne, Ali and Jez gave Barry a DVD with several episodes on it for a Christmas present...its real family entertainment with a feel good factor and some nasty stuff thrown in too! We get loads of crap as well as some good stuff on our TV...I miss loads now tho, because I have somuch arty farty stuff I want to get on with.

Marianne said...

That Robin Hood series does sound right up my alley....I'll keep an eye out for it.
The hand cream...I love it. I'm going to want more of it and nowhere here in town is there any to be had so I'll have to find it online somewhere. During the summer months I don't have this problem of very dry hands, winter is just arse on my skin in general and I have sensitive skin, it's quite the crap shoot on what it'll tolerate or not.
About that sour might could pass on information as to what it's called there, where it can be Jo, at FreeStyleFibre, she's a sweetheart and does amazing spinning and quite lovely knitting, plus like I say she's a sweetheart (she was given the correct name,eh?).
I know how you feel, writing something lengthy and then *poof* it's all gone and no way of retrieving it and I usually feel quite the idiot.(plus I can never rewrite it as well)
Wow, snow? Get thee out there woman with camera in hand....I love it that you call it a 'graveyard', that's what I call them....not terribly 'civilized' in 'some' circles....I'm so glad I don't hang out in 'those' circles!
I'll be back and ready to play in the snow!

Anonymous said...

The Maid Marion sweater is beautiful. It's such a cheery color.


Fabulous cardi! I am always impressed when people see something they like and manage to copy/interpret it into a real life pattern. I wonder if you'll be writing the pattern up - have you ever sent anything to Knitty or Magknits before?

picperfic said...

no, I haven't but it's an easy pattern to follow, I draw the shape and put the instructions directly on the shape, much easier to follow than longhand, especially as you do things so much more quickly when using a knitting machine...this is a machine knitted garment PP....I thought that they only did handknits?

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