Friday, February 23, 2007

A New Hat and stuff

Maisie and I have just been for a walk into the village and this is what she looked like. I made her the hat a few weeks ago and she loves to wear it which pleases me, as you can imagine. Maisie has always looked good in a hat, right since she was tiny and I used to put one of those oh so cute little bands with a bow on round her gorgeous little head. Even though Maisie is only 11 years old she is growing up at the rate of knits oops I mean knots (that really was a typo!) and it's hard to keep up with her need for clothes that fit. We found the little skirt and a couple of T-shirts on our shopping jaunt yesterday, she keeps saying 'I really love this skirt Mum'...she looks so pretty today and I think she felt good too because she won't let me take too many photos of her these days.
Please excuse the messy garden, I really do love to have a pretty garden but this isn't ours and I didn't realise we would be here so long, so I have never had the love feeling to make this one special. I do have loads of pots on the patio though but they need some attention. A trip to the garden centre might be a good idea as soon as the spring flowers start to pop!
PS...I have just taken delivery of Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'The Opinionated Knitter' from The order cost me $38.95 (do I put the $ before or after the number?) and took just 11 days to arrive from the States. I tried to get this book from but it was selling for £41 which is more or less double what I paid in dollars from US. I know it would have arrived the next day if I had bought it from the UK but the savings were well worth the wait :^) I got that surprise jacket pattern at last!!


Faerynuff said...

I love our Maisie xxx I promise to take her shopping as soon as we can afford it :)

I've got EZ's Knitters Almanac which has the little lace baby cardi in it, it's also a great read and has got some lovely things to make.

You had a lovely colour swap package, Mine will be finished after we've been to the yarn shop in Bideford on monday xxx

picperfic said...

So that's where we're going then?? Barry was doing his best to keep me in suspence...doh! I knew I'd find out lol!

I must show the world those knickers!!

talj said...

Maisie looks great in her hat! I am so glad she likes to wear it :o) I hope you have lots of fun with your new book!! :o) Enjoy your weekend :o)

{{{BIG HUGS}}}

eurorebs said...

She's beautiful! You should be a proud mom :) My mom would always put hats on me as well - and I still love to wear them! :)

By the way, love the answer to your profile question - pink stilettos! :) I'd wear those too!

Have a great weekend!

CG said...

Maisie looks really pretty and VERY grown up!! I have an 11 year old girl too who is very into her clothes.

I remember those little baby headbands well!!


Marianne said...

Beautiful Maisie, I am so glad you like the hat your mum lovingly made for you, it's quite lovely on you.

Marianne, she is indeed 'growing up'! I know you're so very proud of her.

I'm so glad your new EZ book arrived, I'll be wanting to hear all about it.
I really should get an amazon order in, lots on the wish list but maybe just a couple of the more inexpensive books....since I've not been 'buying' yarn, don't you think?
Happy weekend to you and yours!


Fiberjoy said...

What a beauty Maisie is! She will be turning heads for sure. And she has such an impish, yet sweet look on her face - a girl with character. And I love her outfit!!!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Great hat on a very pretty girl. However will you keep the boys away?!

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