Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rose & Maurice

My Valentine has spoilt me
Rose & Maurice arrived safely about an hour ago
As you can see from the photo below he is making friends nicely with Monkey and Myrtle.

I have been tidying up with a passion!
I love it when I get in this 'clearing up and get rid of rubbish' mode, I tend to procrastinate (first time I have ever used that word in a sentence) when it comes to tidying so when I do eventually get round to doing it it is really worth while! I never understand why I don't dispose of more un-useful objects as I go along.
I wish I was more organised but I'm not...
When I have done a spot of this 'tidying', I sort of bask in the glory of the calm this activity brings, perhaps that is what I am doing with my life too...but that's another story :^)
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Pat said...

Love your teddies, Marianne!

Nice pic of the week too. Wish you were closer to get all this yarn. I want to tidy up too.

CG said...

What a sweet bear!! I'm glad you got the rose too. I am just like you when it comes to tidying up - and I usually get that urge at weird times like just before bed!!

Enjoy the rest of Valentines Day :)

Marianne said...

How lovely!
I'm the same way with the tidying bit, I actually enjoy it knowing how I'll feel afterwards.
Happy Sweetie Day!

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