Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wells-Next-The-Sea 2

We have had a lovely day today, we took Maisie to Wells-Next-The-Sea for a fish and chip lunch and some photographs. I have added an album link down there on the right>>>>>

Barry took some photos of me and Maisie, I don't have many of us two together so they are a bit special....he used my camera to take them as I had a better lens for portraits. The photos are included in the album.
This photo was a bit sad to see but it was also very beautiful. Maisie noticed that someone had written some 'we will miss you' words on a card accompanying the flowers...how sad...I imagine this pretty, well maintained beach hut, was a special place for someone who has now departed.

Today is pancake day!! Maisie made us two lots, greedy I know, but the first lot were so delicious we just had to have some more!

I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you this next bit but......Barry got his decree absolute today!! Hurrah!! It was just this bit of paper and it didn't feel like he was divorced or anything....today felt just the same as yesterday. Finances still have to be settled, I hope my stuff gets sorted soon. Don't talk to me about solicitors ok??
I do hope you will go and see the photos I took from today's outing :^) Clicky


talj said...

These images are beautiful, really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them {{{HUGS}}} hope you are ok xx

CG said...

I enjoyed looking through your photos. I liked the colours on the beach huts - beautiful! The pics of you and Maisie are lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying half term and lots of pancakes :)


Faerynuff said...

Hurray for Barry! xxx

I love the photo of Maisie walking along the sticky out bit of wood - do they call it a groin?

Show us your knickers!

Marianne said...

Congrats for Barry!
Marianne, the photos are stunning, just beautiful, I love them all but especially the ones with you and Maisie, you are both so beautiful!

What a wonderful day! Thank you so much for sharing!
Oh and I do loves me a good pancake!

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