Friday, March 02, 2007


What do you do in the middle of the night when you've got a migraine that won't budge and so you can't sleep?
Well I suppose you could do this....
Millie's Sock
After I got the text from Ali yesterday telling me that the socks I had sent to the girls fitted Maddie, I thought I had better get on with some for Millie. I just made the next size up and I reckon they'll be fine.
I have also learnt to do a tubular cast on, I am amazed that there is always something new for me to learn and I usually find the information on the www

The yarn used this time is Reggia Crazy Colour, I love the colour changes it produces.
Here is the finished BSJ from EZ's 'The Opinionated Knitter'
I joined the seams with a 2stitch icord, it was a bit tricky but once I had mastered it I found it hard to stop.

In fact I have to say that making this little jacket was a bit like reading a favourite book and feeling a bit sad that it is coming to an end.
I softened the blow a bit by continuing the icord all around the edge of the jacket

I love the crisp detail of the stiches....
Has anyone noticed my sneaky way of showing you the stained glass that Barry and I make??


CG said...

Sorry about the migraine :(

The socks, little jacket and the stained glass are all lovely. What a talented lady you are!!

talj said...

These are a lovely collection of items you have made, beautiful!

Sorry to hear you are not feeling very well {{{BIG HUGS}}} hope you are better soon xxx

Marianne said...

Oh dear, I hope your head is feeling better, along with the rest of you too, those nasty migraines do a horrible number on a person.
Loving those brightly coloured sock, looks like springtime socks. and that Surprise Baby Jacket!!! I'd put that beautiful jacket on a boy or girl. I so need to make one of those!
The stainedglass boxes are beautiful! I really like that one that's opened with the pink colours, you two are certainly a talented couple!

shhhh, feel better!

Pat said...

So sorry about the migraine. You do what I do when I can't sleep. I started a pair of those socks and got one finished and could not for the life of me get the second one to match.

I tried and tried to find the same "color scheme" in the yarn but nothing worked. So my granddaughter wears odd socks. She loves them but they are "odd" to me!!!

Faerynuff said...

I absolutely adore that cardigan! So quick as well :) Maddie loves her socks and Millie has been very good and wasn't jealous at all. Little sweetheart.

Hope you are feeling better today?

Love you
Ali x

Oh, blogger thinks my blog is a spam blog and they've locked it so I can't post anything...grrr! Should be unlocked soon though.

Carmi said...

Your ability to create in the midst of a migraine is amazing. I usually need to sleep them off because I'm basically incapable of doing anything else.

You have quite the gift of creativity. Lucky for us that you share it here.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I agree, the Reggia is great fun. And Pat, hey, who said the socks have to match? Real artists ALWAYS wear clashing socks. And that baby jacket is adorable.

Sending cool green tree thoughts for the migraine. (You can have some howling wind and rain too if you like, but I thought I'd start with the trees...)

picperfic said...

Hi Jo, so lovely to hear from you..the cool green trees will do fine thank you...howling wind and rain just isn't a soothing option, but hey, I feel fine now so thanks for the good thoughts.

Hey Pat, I know it looks like the socks match, well they did to start with and then they went haywire...I'll take a photo tomorrow just before i send them to Millie :^)

craftydabbler said...

Migraines are awful. They run in my family.

I love the colors for the little jacket, it is so peaceful and beachy (not really a word, I know).

I love bright colors for handmade socks. It makes a very clear statement that they are handmade socks.

craftydabbler said...

I forgot, you had asked what the yarn was I used for my first sock. It is from and it is the fig and plum colourway. She doesn't really keep stock on hand, it is catch as catch can, but you can email her and she will do up what you ask for.

knitting harvest said...

Hope that the migraine has passed. What yarn and colorway did you use on the baby jacket?

Capucine said...

I have done the same socks !!!! to see on my blog... do you understand my poor english ??? I love your BBs also ... great blog...

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