Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Walk To The Post Office Again

I have just stepped out of my front door and this is what I see, the old Church buildings which have been turned into some houses. On the right hand side you can see a bit of Barry's car. It's a naughty car at the moment and needs fixing so he is having to use my Ka to get him to work etc

I turned left out of our car park and almost immediately I can see this if I look over the wall, I love this little cemetery, it is looking very pretty right now with all the spring flowers popping up. I find it so sad that even though some of the graves look unattended and very old, the bulbs continue to flower, not so much sad as beautiful :^)

Just past the cemetery is this view, there are some beautiful old buildings all higgledy piggledy along the lane

At the end of the lane straight in front of me, is this wonderful scene, occasionally we get the most beautiful sunsets from this point

If I turn right I see this lovely curve of the road. Further along this road is a building with a date on it which precedes The Great Fire of London which was in 1666!! I'll show you that another day... I'm turning left anyway!

...and this is what I see, it looks a bit boring but it does hold some treasures.....

like this pretty bit of common ground which also has some gravestones stacked up on one side...a bit sad...

I am now at the crossroads, it's a bit scary crossing here because, at times, we get some enormous articulated lorries, cars, buses and tractors all turning in different directions and you really need your wits about you, luckily I am just turning right around the corner and can stay on the footpath.

and this is what I see as I walk down the High Street, if you look right down the bottom of the road you can see the Post Office sign

and this is where I am going to post the package to my Mum in NI for Mother's Day on Sunday, let's hope it gets there on time, I wish I could post myself to her sometimes! If I post it any earlier she will only open it before the day, I know my special Mum!! xx It's a lovely old fashioned Post Office full of treasure and groceries, I only discovered that I could buy milk here at my last visit
I look back up the road as I come out of the Post Office, the light is better in this direction

I'm back at the crossroads now, on the other side of the road and thought you might like to see the village memorial to those that died in the war, a tiny village like this one and yet so many were lost....

I look up to my right and see the village pub....they really serve wonderful food in here!

a bit further on I see this pretty Church. Our house is almost next door to this church and we hear every single bong of the Westminster Chimes telling us the time every 15 minutes, I don't notice it most of the time but when you can't sleep it's a different story.....

I am just going to cross the road and go through these gates to walk through the Churchyard

can anyone tell the time from a sundial?

going through the gates at the other end of the Churchyard

almost back home now but I wanted to show you the pretty Spring border going up the drive to the Vicarage

this building is the one in the first shot but obviously from a different angle.....nearly there

Full circle! My front door....the house doesn't look too good full frontal, so I tried to show you as pretty a view as possible....we are renting for a little while longer but hopefully, very soon, I will have a different walk to show you.....phew, it took longer to do this than it did to walk it!

Unfortunately, I have had a silly spam comment which I can't moderate because of the settings I was using, so I have had to do some copy and paste stuff, I have included the comments up to date and if I get any more on this post or future posts, then I will have to see them before they get posted...gggrrrr...I often wondered why people used this option, I now know! Happy Saturday!

Ann said...
What a lovely, wonderful place you live in! Gives me such a feeling in my chest...what I would give to live in your village. Here I am surrounded by cars and noise and fast-moving people. There is an international airport nearby so planes fly over constantly...we have learned to tune that out.Thank you so much for sharing this. Again, a calming, lovely way to start my day. XX
12:58 PM
picperfic said...
Barry and I have only lived here for two years and thought it wouldn't be that long so we never put down our roots. As time has gone on we are making friends and feeling a bit more as if we belong but we both know that we'll be moving on soon. This pretty little village has been a wonderful place to start our happy, loving relationship, sort of quiet, calm and soothing. I know I will miss this place when we move on....
2:35 PM
Marianne said...
11:00 was it?Marianne, thank you so much for taking me round your village a bit, it was a lovely walk, everything looks so fresh in the Spring sunshine!
7:53 PM
picperfic said...
yes it was...clever you! Or did you cheat and go and look at the clock on the church? Sunshine really does make allthe difference!
10:29 PM
Marianne said...
ha ha, funny thing about me, I rarely notice clocks on anything, I don't wear a watch, so although I'm sure in my head knew there to be a clock on the church I didn't pay any attention to it.......and yes, I just looked at the sundial and the numerals on it.It was a lovely walk!
12:10 PM


CG said...

What a great idea to take us on your walk; I must try doing this myself. i really enjoyed your post and I hope your mum likes her parcel!!

Fiberjoy said...

Thank you for such a restful walk from your home to the PO and back. It looks like a lovely village for walking, and nuturing kids. Wish I could walk the sidewalks with you!

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