Friday, April 20, 2007

Ever Had Your Day Made?

Well today I did! For some reason I dread the postman, every day he seems to bring us some bad news or other. Today, just now, I heard him pushing something through the letterbox, he was struggling a bit landed on the floor. I sort of held my breath a bit and said to myself 'please let it be good news today' and then I heard him struggling to get another package through the door and then ....thump, again! I went and picked up these two packages and thought they felt like buttons, hmm....why on earth would I know what was inside? A mispent youth maybe or too many hours spent with my Mum's button box as a child? I then thought that maybe the lady I had bought the buttons from on Ebay had taken pity on me and sent me her entire collection of 40's buttons, of course she'd do that, everyone's kind aren't they? Anyway...I opened the packages and yes it was buttons but from whom? I checked the back of the jiffy bags and it was from my dear Aunty Sally, although I am far too old to call her Aunty and besides which I think she's only 4 years older than me. Sally is my Mum's youngest sister and she reads my blog!! Sally read about my buttons and the lack of them and sent me loads, mostly belonging to my Great Aunty Beatrice. Sally had inherited them when Aunty Beat died and wondered what to do with them. Now I have a nice fat button box again. Thank you Dear Sally! xxxx


CG said...

Glad the postman made your day :)

Marianne said...

Oh, what fun!!! I love those old buttons and you really scored beautifully! You Dear Lucky Lady! Thanking Aunty Sally on your behalf also!

How absolutely fabulous is that?!? (I refuse to be embarrassed about getting so excited about a parcel of old buttons!)

ps..about that yarn cake of homespun? Gretchen spun that, I'm not spinning.....yet. (I know I will one of these days!)

pps...are you feeling a bit better? I hope so!

Katherine said...

Happiness is a full button box! Inherited buttons--priceless. Enjoy!

Poshyarns said...

Oh what a lovely surprise, a parcel of buttons is treasure indeed.

I love your image of the Tate Walkway. I visited the Tate Modern a couple of years ago and was just blown away by how stunning the space was.

Faerynuff said...

I don't know why, but that made me cry.

I'm glad you are feeling better, poor things xxx

I knew that they were Mr Martin's Marshmallows before I read the post, I plan to own the book soon :)

Off to hobble around the Big Sheep in a minute, Maddie has been at playschool this morning and Millie and I have been knitting.

*Yawn* Can I have some energy please?

Love you xxx

donnac368 said...

Love those buttons! If I lived closer, I'd come over and dig through them!

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