Sunday, April 22, 2007

Knitter's Treat Exchange Package

I took these photos the day the package arrived, if you look carefully, I have scooped Sally's buttons to one side to make way for this new treat which I had to go and collect from the Post Office. I didn't tell you that I had a note popped through the door from the postman telling me to go and collect this. I was in the bath when he rang the bell but I didn't hear him, my ears are still fuzzy. It said on the note to wait four and half hours before going to collect it. I wondered if I had ordered something to tell you the truth..told you I had a bad memory! Good job I had those precious buttons to photograph in the meantime.

If you click the picture you can watch a slideshow of the images, it's only 6 images long and will bring you back here if you let it run to the end :^)

Anyway, my Pal comes from VA, USA...that's Virginia, what does the 'A' stand for please?

June has totally spoilt me with this package, there is not one thing in it that I don't like, I have already finished the apple candy, which is very similar to proper Turkish Delight, which I adore. There are so many treats in the box, the Udderly Smooth hand cream is amazing and smoothed my dry old hands in a flash. Barry put some on too...hmmm. June has sent me mostly local area produce including the wool and pattern which she purchased for me at her LYS. I have kept the package mostly intact in the box but the Spiced Cider sachets are now in my fruit tea department in the kitchen, they are delicious. The patterns in the magazine are mostly to my taste, wish I could get hold of that peaches and cream cotton yarn, I'm getting into dishcloth/facecloth making mode and there's a lovely one in it.

Thank you so much June, Friday was indeed a happy day for me, in many ways, all the happiness came on one day, it was a good feeling,there is just one more bit of good news that I need to be able to get on with my new life with Barry.

This last bit of good news is taking too long to get to me which is causing so many other problems to escalate and give me this continual knot in my tummy. Surely it can't take much longer to get to me?? I'll let you know when it happens, that's for sure!

Barry has caught my virus....hope he deals with it better than I did, now where's my nurses outfit?


Anonymous said...

It's funny, I read Ali's blog, so when I came across yours in the knitting blog ring, I saw your pictures in your header and thought, Gee, that little blond girl looks just like Ali's daughter. Then I read your profile and saw you are her grandmother. Too funny.
Anyway, I love your blog, you take beautiful pictures.

CG said...

what a wonderful package to get :) It seemed to come at just the right time.

Hope Barry feels better soon - take care of each other? Maybe lots of massage with the Udderly cream would help?? LOL

Marianne said...

That is one very lovely parcel so packed with the delights! I know you'll be having all sorts of fun with it!

Poor Barry...yes, where IS your nurse 'uniform'?

Knitters Treat Enabler said...

That is one lovely package! I love the slide show you made with the comments!! Hope you are both feeling better soon

picperfic said...

Some great comments! thank you :^)

Pam, do you have a blog? I just wanted to know a bit more about you..amazing the way you found me and recognised our beautiful Millie!

Julie....naughty girl heheh!

Marianne...don't encourage him!

KTE....I am really so much better thank you but i do need to keep having naps....hope Barry doesn't get so poorly as I did, it really was horrid. He seems not too bad, the special man is covering the honeycomb with chocolate now! I think he has intentions of going into work tomorrow if only to dish out his sweets!

Jo said...

Lovely package M, lucky you, and how clever are you making all these little animated shorts!! So cool, I'm sooo jealous!

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