Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Ali!

Happy Birthday Ali!!

Are these little bitty bands really 32 years old?

I remember easing them off your tiny hands and feet, you were so small that they didn't need to be cut by the midwife. Those days were the best ever. I spent two days at 'The Unit' as it was affectionately called by the people of Southampton. It doesn't exist now. Then I spent six days in Victoria House which was a special maternity place in the grounds of Southampton General Hospital. It's now the occupational health building for the staff of the hospital. I was meant to have you there but you were two weeks overdue and had to be induced so it was 'The Unit' for me. It was a bit scary in that place, very dull with lights shining on bits that needed to be illuminated lol....I had a bit of trouble getting you born, they even got the operating theatre ready for me (my sister worked in there) but after an epidural and a few choice words that I didn't know I knew, you decided to make an entrance. I can't believe I was only 18 when I had you. I was so ready to have a baby and had read everything I could, I couldn't get enough information. I practiced my knitting skills on some funny shaped cardigans and bootees made of baby soft bri nylon which went hard and yellow in the wash. I enjoyed every bus trip to see the midwife or doctor, and those pre-natal classes were so interesting. I just lapped it all up. I loved being a Mum...I still do!

So many memories.....

Has the postman been yet?

Love you xxx

I can show you the apron I sent to Ali now I have had confirmation that she has received it in the post. I used some crystal encrusted tulle I had lying about my stash and some pieces of spare cotton fabric. I just sort of held it up to me and guessed the length and doubled the width I felt was correct for the skirt bit. I think Ali likes it.

I had fun making you like the sparkles? I sort of guessed where they were in my image editor as they didn't show up on the photo. My image editor has a star brush so i just blinged away!!

more presents soon xxx


SmileSleep said...

Why is it that I have to climb 1,000 mountains to get to you and all you have to do is smile to get to me?

^_^ Laughter linked to health, happiness ^_^

CG said...

What a lovely post!! happy, happy birthday Ali!!

Angel Jem said...

Happy Birthday to Ali.... and I love the shoes! You must be a very proud Mum, so congratulations to you on raising someone who is so obviously a pride and joy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ali!

That's a beautiful apron.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Ali. And happy thoughts to you, Marianne. Lovely post. XO

Marianne said...

I'll be off to Ali's in a moment to wish her a happy birthday but for now, for you, happy birth day to you!
The apron is SO lovely, bright happy floral and sparkles for your girl!
(it's quite amazing in so many ways,...I was eventually wheeled into surgery with Aardron's birth and I was 18)


andsewtosleep said...

Hi thanks for your visit and comment. After looking at your wonderful photography I think I need to re-think my 'taster' sessions. My pics are grim. I have a lovely husband who offers to help but I'm a stubborn mule who thinks it's better to be self taught???

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Thanks for visiting and your kind comments. I've added you to my favourites list and will be back tonight to read your blog from the start! It looks great, I love discovering new blogs


Faerynuff said...

Oh Mum. I love you xxx

See you on friday, I can't wait. xxx

talj said...

Happy Birthday Ali!!

What a wonderful post this is, full of love and joy!

{{{HUGS}}} to all :o)

Jo said...

Gorgeous apron, happy birthday Ali x

Melly said...

A big happy birthday to your daughter!!! And that apron is just divine - so cute!

picperfic said...

thanks for all these comments! I am so glad I kept all those special bits from when my babies were born. I find it a bit emotional reading the congratulation cards. I know the wording in each one of precious. The photos in the collage above take me straight back to the time, I can smell Victoria house, more baby than hospital!

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