Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Will.......

A couple of my favourite shots that I took, from yesterdays wedding shoot....mind you there were so many good ones it is difficult to choose between them.
So glad that Barry and I work together on these weddings, the pressure is lifted and we get two different views of the proceedings. We were so well received yesterday, the parents and the B&G kept thanking us for making it a happy time during the photography. We were invited back for the evening reception by way of a thank you gift. Maisie came with us and we had some fun and I remembered how much I liked to dance!
I whittled our 600 odd shots down to 250 this morning. We promised them about 80 to look at so we still have some decisions to make, but I think they will have nearer 150 to look at in the end. The weather and the light was perfect yesterday so most of the shots were keepers, it was just the shut eyes and funny facial expressions that got them deleted! A good wedding shoot like yesterday does wonders for the moral, but for some reason I needed an afternoon nap today! Apparently, I was asleep for the best part of 2 hours, I only thought I was asleep for about 10 minutes!


Maisie has been doing some great cooking. A couple of days ago she made some delicious, I mean really delicious rock cakes! They melted in your mouth. i was meant to be helping her but my friend phoned and was on the blower for about half an hour and by the time I came off the phone Maisie had finished and the cakes were in the oven! Today, my little mini me made a delicious Chewy Apple Almond Cake....absolutely scrummy!


Faerynuff said...

Chewy Apple Almond Cake - I need one of those! Big hugs and love to my Maisie xxx

The wedding looks beautiful, I wish you could have done the photography for ours - we should have waited 7 years!

Another sunny day today, we're off to the park soon :)

Michaela said...

I love those photos, but yesterday's one of the bouquet is my favourite. You are so clever! Chewy Apple Almond Cake? Damn that sounds good!

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