Monday, October 01, 2007

A Email From Kini

Look what Kini sent arrived the same day as my parcel arrived to her! Kini is Pete's wife...remember, he won the socks! Such a lovely pattern for a crochet shawl and three balls of the softest, silkiest lilac/blue yarn to make it with! It is a 'get well soon' gift! Thank you so much, I love it! Two flower photos from a Tesco Finest bunch I found on Saturday.....the bouquet was named 'Pink Champagne' and I never noticed that til we got it when things seem to fit the occasion.
We had some friends round for a curry or three on Saturday night, Barry made the curries and I made the pavlova. A great team we are! I think I may have overdone the housework thing though, my shoulder has been very sore since Saturday, sleeping is a nightmare really! My physio therapist has given me some instructions about using an ice cube on the point of pain, let's hope it helps! I do have full movement in it now though, but it does hurt to move it, I guess the muscles are weak and need building up.

Here's the lovely email that Kini sent me today, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with you all??!!

"Hi Marianne,

I thought you'd like to see the socks in action. As you can see here is Brendel staking his claim over them. He was so funny when I opened the package, leaping about and sniffing the socks, tail wagging like a mad thing. I'm sure it was because he could smell you on them. After I'd worn them a little he calmed down, but still seems to think they should be his socks really and at the least closely guarded by the chief spaniel of the house. Thank you again for them, they are so lovely and snuggly. I feel really rich when I wear them (because they feel so posh).I hope your shoulder is continuing to improve, oh and I've had a peek at your blog. Lurrrrrrrrrrve the ring. It is gorgeous! I can see why no other ring compared. You really chose a beauty there. Oh and one last thing (she typed in best "Columbo" voice). What is a"guest blog"? Neither Peter nor me have blogs. Does it mean we write apiece for your blog, as a sort of guest? Hmm, maybe the penny is starting to drop. . . .Cheers, and love to you both.


I have to say that I am not an animal person but Brendel and I bonded when he was a wriggly little puppy with those enormous eyes....never have I felt so much affection for an animal, and I don't think I will again, it is a great friendship! :^)

So Pete and Kini, I suppose a 'guest blog' is a post on my blog from someone that is special to can be about anything that takes your fancy but your interesting life in Welch Wales and how you actually ended up living there, would be lovely but you have to include about your crocheted Dalek and C3PO!! lol
my blog friend Nicolette is doing a very thoughtful giveaway with regard to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, go take a look and join in if appropriate.......she's gone all pink!!!


CG said...

What lovely flower photos. Hope the shoulder recovers soon..

tiennie said...

How very sweet! Take care of you and don't overdo it!

Marianne said...

What a lovely shade of blue! The flower photos are beautiful, as usual...
What a sweet 'thank you' and how funny about Brendel, you are indeed a member of his pack!

de vliegende koe said...

Wonderful parcel Marianne! And so much fun to see the socks and read the letter by Kini. Thanks for your kind words about my blog and project, dear blogfriend!

marti said...

as always, i love your photos, you are an inspiration to this budding photographer. hope your shoulder heals quickly!

Faerynuff said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gift :) It's a great colour for you too.

See you friday xxx

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