Friday, October 12, 2007

Spider-Web Sockies

The socks can be found here:- clicky
I needed a fair bit of concentration for the charts but the results are lovely...
Two pairs was a little boring but they were for my two little granddaughters, how could I not finish them? I have stitched a white blob in the back of M's socks to make it easier on Mum....They both have black stripey leggings and black rara skirts and a white t-shirt to wear, these socks will finish the outfits off nicely!
I used Rowan Cash soft 4ply, they are very soft and squidgy! To be posted on Monday, strike permitting :^/ (sorry about the fluff on the is very dusty here)
On Saturday, which is today as it has just gone past midnight....Barry & I are going to London for some sightseeing, then a nice meal (hope we find somewhere), then off to the theatre to see Les Miserables. So excited about that bit! We are spending the night in a Hotel (oooh!!) and then on Sunday morning we are going to Ally Pally to the Knit and Stitch show there. Seems like it is a bit of a big 'do' so I will be wearing comfy shoes!

I know some of you have been already so I hope you will have left me some stuff to look at?
The yarn has arrived from Kpixie to knit Barry the yummy Cobblestone sweater by Jared
what a talented young man he is too! I am using this colourway. Jared's photos are outstanding! I have got some Peace Fleece yarn to make it with, hope I don't have too much trouble with the tension.........the cobblestone asks for 18st to 4in and peace fleece is 16th to 4in....hmmm....think I might have fun with it!

Have a good weekend everyone...time for bed said Zebedee!!! Boing!!!!


tiennie said...

These are awesome! Have a great time out and about!

Faerynuff said...

OH I can't wait for them to arrive :) They are wearing their leggings and skirts today and look so cute. Thanks Mum, you are one in a million trillion.

Have a great time in London and Ally Pally. I'm not jealous. No, not at all :p

Rosie said...

those are the best socks I have ever seen and I may have to make some for my sister (who used to wear a very large plastic spider on elastic in her hair, alice-band style. she has long, dark ringlets, so people didn't notice it straight away!)

Marianne said...

Those little socks are FABulous! Those girls are going to love love love them!
Mmmm. Peace Fleece for Barry's's lovely, I really like that Cobblestone sweater pattern, and yes, Jared IS amazing.
Sounds like your weekend is going to be a great one!

Working Mom Knits said...

Oh my goodness! You KNIT those socks?! You are sure to get Best Grandma of the Year!!! They are WONDERFUL!

de vliegende koe said...

Have a great time and good luck with knitting the sweater! (not at the same time (LOL!)))

CG said...

They've turned out a treat!!

keri said...

Oh those are beautiful! What fun!

Dipsy said...

These socks are amazingly beautiful - how very unique! Have a great time!

Probably Jane said...

Those socks are witty and accomplished - marvellous combination!

Ann said...

Great socks! You are so much more patient than me! I know the girls will love them. xo

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