Friday, November 09, 2007

A Bit Busy

Mum and I are enjoying a lovely week together.

Friday evening Barry and Mum went to a local firework display which I could hear from my sofa, the lights and noises would be a bit difficult for me to bear with my poor head already thumping....

Saturday, Barry took Mum to Anglesey Abbey but the sun went in on the Autumn leaves they were eager to photograph. In the evening they went to Peterborough to photograph the fireworks...they both came back full of it! I was poorly with constant migraines *sad face*

Sunday was spent at Cromer where we had a lovely Crab Salad. My head was still bad but on the way back, Barry kept stopping at beauty spots for Mum and him to take some photos.

Monday we went to St Ives and also an enormous garden centre, we spent so long there that we didn't have time to go food shopping so we picked up some bits and bobs for tea in the garden centre. That place has everything in it. In fact I told Mum that I could quite happily live there! (not really, nowhere to sleep and no Barry included! lol) My headaches were starting to lift by now....hurrah!!! Spent Monday evening at a photography print contest club battle, hmm 'nuff said about that!

Tuesday we went to Ely and found Mum some new boots and a couple of items of clothing. I could see Mum feeling happier by the minute as we found clothes that suited her. It felt good to spoil her a bit too!

Wednesday we had a quiet day in as I had some photography work to do....I felt she was a bit bored but we both needed a rest! Darling Mum worked hard planting all the lovely plants and bulbs I had accumulated for some pots in the garden. It does look lovely out there now. In the evening we went to our camera club for a print and slide competition...we had a rather tough judge!

Thursday we went into Cambridge and unbeknown to us there was a Grand Opening of a John Lewis store going on and the city was heaving....still we spent a good while browsing shops again and bought some interesting goodies from Lakeland Limited. Mum enjoyed a complimentary glass of Cava in M&S and we both had a lovely white chocolate biscuit. Then it was lunchtime so we found a busy, modern looking eatery and went in..oh those sofa's looked inviting. We both chose our lunch and a drink and I went to order. Thirty five minutes later we were still waiting for our food so I politely made our problem known...we were so hungry by then! A lovely young man came to our table and apologised for the wait and offered us a complimentary drink. I chose apple and strawberry juice and Mum had a glass of red wine. Then our lunch appeared and it was delicious. Mum started to feel a bit tired (alcohol induced maybe?) so we didn't do much more shopping...then the bus back to the car and home.

I had a parcel to collect from the main post office in Ely and for the first time, I had to pay a bit of customs duty.....
Mum also fancied a bit of knitting, I think my enthusiasm is infectious, so I found her a fingerless mitten pattern and she is now occupied.....Barry just looks at us in amazement! Oh and talking of Barry, he cooked us the most delicious lamb curry for tea.

Friday...hmm...I'll let you know what we get up to.

This weekend we are going to Staffordshire, to see Barry's daughter and we are staying in a B&B nearby

I think I need a holiday!


tiennie said...

It does sound like a lovely (and busy) week! Have a nice weekend!

CG said...

Sounds lovely :) I'm glad you and your mum are having such a nice time. Hope those headaches stay away! {{HUGS}}

Do you have a simple fingerless mitts pattern??

Marianne said...

How wonderful! and talk about Busy! I'm so happy for you and your Mum and Barry also, sounds like a good many times being made!
Have a fab weekend!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a lovely but busy week! I wish my mom were a knitter -- she's a quilter, but doesn't do too much these days b/c of her carpal tunnel syndrome. :-(

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you HAVE been busy! Glad your headaches are gone and you can have a bit more fun!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

I love weeks like that when you manage to do lots of nice things! Sounds like you're giving your Mum a really nice time, she must be proud to have such a lovely daughter. It's always good when you have shared passions too like your photography and of course knitting, it's a makes time psent together so companiable.

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