Friday, February 22, 2008

Finished some stuff, a gift, some random facts and a WIP!

I have finished Maisie's bridesmaid dress, she has asked for a stole made out of the spotty voile, she has good style that girl and is growing up so nicely. We are going out in a minute to see if we can find me some wedding shoes and some pretty underwear for us to wear under our wedding outfits.
I have made this gorgeous fluffy bolero from some angora/merino from Sublime yarns. The yarn was a bit thicker than the pattern called for so I knitted the smallest size but made the length of the largest size. I need to know which of the little girls this will fit so I can knit another one to fit the other!

I have also finished my second pair of 'Have a Heart' socks..I used some alpaca/merino form The Natural Dye Studio, this yarn has a gorgeous roundness to it, perfect for working those little dot-knots!
I will put this pattern up on my blog soon, I have some very lovely ladies test knitting it for me at the moment. I need to think of something to say thank you to them with....Way back, I entered a little competition on Qusik's blog, to name her dress form, I came joint second and earlier this week I received this gorgeous and VERY useful needle roll made by herslf! It is gorgeous, covered in angora fibres right now though. As you can see I have already put it to good use. Thank you Christiane!

I have started another pair of toe-up socks..another of my own designs. This time I am using HipKnits Cashmere Sock is delicious! This is a gift for a very special friend of mine, she has tiny feet (hurrah) and loves purple! Liz has been helping me with my form filling and photo verifications, endless errors all calmly sorted by the lovely lady. This is a bit scary actually, the forms are for two passports, one for Maisie and one for me. If I don't get it back soon I might not be going on my honeymoon (please don't say anything about your horror stories with passports, I am freaking out about the whole thing right now and don't need any extra stress!!) I started filling these forms out about 4 weeks ago, they have been rejected twice. Let's hope it's third time lucky. The other problem has been the fact that I haven't known anyone here long enough to verify both me and Maisie so I have to send the forms all the way to Southampton each time they are refused. I feel sick about the whole thing and it is marring all the lovely stuff I am doing regarding the wedding preparations....que sera sera...
Meanwhile Qusik has also named me on her blog to tell you lot 7 random facts about myself, will I be able to do this? Here goes:-
  1. I need to be creating something, every day...if I don't I go a bit moody, creativity feeds me and soothes me
  2. I can't/won't drink milk, however I do take it in my coffee and I wet my cereal with it but leave as much milk in the bowl as possible
  3. I love having my hair done, I have three colours put in my hair and it takes ages and I am in my element, even knitting socks as the colour takes! I wash my hair every day.
  4. I have a special green towel I like to use and I get a bit miffed if it gets used by others. The said towel is the perfect size, it wraps around my ample figure and I can still dry my face after it is wrapped. I do need another large towel though, this one is wearing a bit thin. I wash it, dry it, and use it! I have been known to have a tantrum if it goes missing!
  5. I get very moved by music, I love the way music stirs up memories and I am quite good at working out the year in which songs came out, hence I love to do the Ken Bruce - PopMaster quiz on the radio when I can.
  6. I worry about everything, I know it is silly but I do, always have drives me nuts and everyone else no doubt! I am trying to get everything sorted out for our wedding by at least two weeks before the day in question so I can be calm....hah!!
  7. I love Barry, oh you knew that already?? Hmm I am finding this last one a bit tricky....I love to see washing blowing on a washing line, will that do?

so, there you are, a long post but full of info for you, no tags but if you would like to tell me 7 random things about yourself then please do!

Oh I nearly forgot, Barry has started a blog and is eager to get some comments, I did tell him that he should post some comments on others blogs and then he might get some, you wanna have a look? Click here


Monika said...

So many lovely things to read about, and look at. All will be well in the end!

qusic said...

hey, you are faster than lightning strikes:D
I keep my fingers crossed for the passport thing !

Queen of the froggers said...

Love all the knits, the bolero is so nice. I like the hearty socks in the paler colour too. Hipknits cashmere is tasty! Best wishes for the passport thing. xx

CG said...

Do you use the post office check and send service? they are really good! We were told Kate had the WRONG TYPE of birth certificate!! But once it's been accepted they come through REALLY fast, only days. I promise!

weebug said...

i love the socks! can't wait for the pattern.

tiennie said...

I'm amazed by all that you are accomplishing in addition to all of your wedding duties!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks...I have just created some gloves in a similar pattern, and same type yarn (from HipKnits!) but in Pinks, the gloves should appear on the Hipknits club website/blog soon, I couldn't load them myself, so Kerrie is doing it for me (doh!) Fran x

hakucho said...

Your bolero looks so soft and warm. Beautiful socks as well. Hopefully the third time will be the charm and you'll have you passports...fingers (and toes) crossed for you :)

Marianne said...

Those socks are such Beauties! ALL your projects are Stunners!
I just checked out Barry's blog, what a sweetheart he is,eh? (You knew that.... :^)
The Very Best of Luck with the passports... I'm hoping it all works out in a timely fashion, (even if it's down to the wire).

KSee said...

I can not beleive that you knit the bolero in two days and still have othrs to knit. OMG, the 18th is not so far away but then I don't need to tell you that. I stopped by Barry's site and left a message.

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