Thursday, November 06, 2008


You have all been so very patient regarding the peculiar object, I loved reading the comments.  Can you believe it that someone got it completely correct almost straight away! Anyway, I have made a pair of fingerless mitts and a pair of socks as prizes and they will be winging their way to the two winners.  Remember I said I would do an extra winner if someone got it correct?  Well the lovely Marianne in US got it spot on.  It is indeed some tangled fibres which got stuck in the pump in my washing maching after a felting session.  Marianne as you got the answer correct you get first choice in the prize, so, could you choose whether you would like socks or mitts as your prize please? 
I am so lucky to have a Barry what can do things as he managed to remove the offending article and the machine worked perfectly afterwards.  Word of Warning!  I used a mesh bag for my felting but the holes were too open and the stray fibres escaped and tried to ruin my washing machine.  I now have some closer knit bags from Lakeland to contain them when I am felting.
OK so the other winner is the one that made me laugh the most....CG come on down! Navel Fluff.....haha!!

Marianne has chosen the mittens so it looks like you are getting some socks at last Julie!

I need your addresses ladies and the prizes will be winging their way to you!


I have been knitting a fair bit and even forgot to photograph some of it, I am waiting for photos from my (step) daughter, Denise of the slippers I made for Tyler and Imogen.  I am rather excited about Tyler's slippers, something a bit different for a little boy.

I will get back on track as last night we got broadband again.  I didn't miss it too much as I was able to play house.  Did I tell you all how happy we are in this beautiful house? I would never have got so much done if the internet had been working!

These photos were taken by Ali and sent to me from her phone, technology is grand!

I love the way this hat fits Sullivan, think its cold enough now for him to keep it on!

Sullivan wearing his Babies and Bears Jacket knitted by me of course.  I think it may fit him for a couple of weeks! He is growing like wildfire.  We haven't seen him for ages now but we're off to Devon for his (and Madeleine's)birthday very soon. Where did that year go?  That's my lovely Mum holding Sullivan.....she spent a week with Ali in Devon and then a week here with Barry and I in our new house.  My brother Matt and his wife and daughter came and stayed for a long weekend too, I got a horrid cold but we still managed to have a lovely time.  Everyone has given this house the thumbs up so far.  I'll take some photos to show you round on another post.
More later...I've got so much I could write about but at my age my memory is quite selective and won't recall everything all at the same time.....


Knitman said...

Sullivan-what a great name. Cute baby too and the knititng you have for him is grand.

Marianne said...

Love Sullivan's red hat! and it goes beyond love with the Babies and Bears Jacket! (Sullivan is Beautiful!)(of course) :^)
Yay! I'm a Winner? Astounding! 'it' just looked SO familiar, heh.
I figured you were playing house during the quiet time, that's a lot of house to play with!

Lin said...

Hithere! well done to the winner. And what a cutie in the hat!

Thimbleanna said...

Yay!!! You're back -- I've missed you!!! Love the pics of Sullivan and I can't wait to see the new house -- I know you've been swamped. Sorry to have missed you in London -- we had a wonderful trip!

hakucho said...

Your knitting( hat and sweater) for Sullivan is to love that face...he's adorable :)

"Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής" said...

Have a nice weekend with an old song from Demi Roussos

It's five o'clock
and I walk through the empty streets
thoughts fill my head
but then still
No one speaks to me
My mind takes me back
to the years that have passed me by
It is so hard to believe
That it's me
that I see
in the window pane
it is so hard to believe
that all this is the way
that is has to be
It's five o'click
and I walk through the empty streets
The night is my friend
And in him
I find sympathy
And so I go back to the years that have to past me by
It is so hard to believe
That it's me
that I see
in the window pane
it is so hard to believe
that all this is the way
that is has to be

It's five o'click
and I walk through the empty streets
The night is my friend
And in him I find sympathy
He gives, gives me day
gives me hope
and a little dream too

CG said...

Oh I'm so pleased! Thank you!

Glad to see you back in Blogland; I missed you!

Faerynuff said...

Yay, you're back!

Jez loves Sullivan in that hat, it reminds him of something from Star Wars!

I suppose I better do some blogging too...

Carmi said...

You've reminded me why sometimes it's a blessing to have no Internet connection. It forces us to simplify.

Neat thought! Thanks for sharing it!

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