Thursday, December 11, 2008

I just had a bath with Len Goodman

It's quite a while since I had a bath, could you tell? Usually I am feeling guilty for staying in me jim jams for too long and make do with a shower.  Don't get me wrong, I lurve my shower but today, something overtook me ~ the need to have a leisurely bath!  I found my festive pink Radox bath bubbles and made a deep bubbly bath.  I removed my make-up, ok so I was tired last night ok?? Used a facial scrub and then applied a moisturising face mask. They don't half itch after a while don't they?

Well then I slunk deep into the bubbly depths and turned my attention to Len. He is my favourite judge on Strictly Come Dancing and I knew that man had a way with words. There's not too many men I would share my bath with I can tell you!  The last time I had a bath I shared it with a midwife telling me of her East End of London  exploits in the 1950's, she had a way with words too, but the London accent didn't stay with me for too long that time. Cor blimey Muvver!

Anyway, back to Len, he's only just told me a bit about how he actually got to be a judge on Strictly, as we in the know like to call it. The face pack got far too itchy for me to listen to him for much longer.  Mind you me darlin's he did make me titter! I have now told him to wait by my bedside so he can join me in my bed tonight. I shall wind me weary way up them apple and pears with a renewed vigour, hoping that he will lull me to sleep with more titters and entertaining words.  Mind you, what if I dream in London, already I can hear myself thinking in London...he has a lovely voice, and is a great teacher.  Just look at the way he gets Claudia (did you know her mother is Eve Pollard?)to follow the steps on It Takes Two!

Right, I just had to share this with you, time to go and write out my Christmas cards....later....oh and Barry....I miss you xxxx

ETA: I got some gorgeous fresh eggs from my beauticians yesterday, I must photograph them, all uneven and different colours! Does anyone else get their eggs from their beauticians?


Faerynuff said...

We like Len too, he always makes us smile :)

The launderette in Braunton sells eggs...seems you can buy them everywhere. Grandma loves eggs, she always wants to buy them from the market when she is here :)

Jo said...

Neo emptied a brand new bottle of radox into the bath Sunday night, the devil!

Rosie said...

Len does seem a lovely man but I think the sooner Barry gets home, the better! And you've just reminded me that I should have bought eggs whilst in town today.

Lin said...

Yes please photograph the coloured eggs, I haven't seen any like that in ages!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny -- I hope Barry hurries home! Love your workroom!

CG said...

I never have baths but yours sounds like fun!!

silverpebble said...

Slightly worried about what Len was saying! I'd love to see those eggs


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