Friday, March 20, 2009

It's lovely day out there!

Oh it is so lovely to see all the blossom bursting open on the trees and the colours from the spring bulbs everywhere...makes a drive to Cambridge much more enjoyable, especially when you have yet another migraine.  Still, it is lifting now and I can get on with my tidying, ready for a lovely weekend with Barry.

Tomorrow evening Barry is taking part in a concert, he has been going to a music group on a Saturday morning so he gets more practice with his trumpet playing.  I am quite excited about seeing him play, very proud of him in fact!
I finished this cardigan yesterday, all I need is 8 pretty buttons for it and then I can send it to Maddy. I really enjoyed knitting with the Alpaca/Silk from The Natural Dye Studio, I already had two skeins in my stash but I needed a third...I have a fair bit left over.  The pattern I used was rather confusing as the translation from Danish to English leaves a lot to the imagination. However, I now find I have tuned in with Sanne's way of thinking and finished it without too much hassle.

I have also been doing a bit of dyeing for my shop, spiral dyeing of Blue Faced Leicester fibre which turned out beautifully and will make gorgeous stripey yarn
and some semi-solid Suri Alpaca/Merino sock yarn wich will knit up with a gorgeous fluffy halo.

  I am including a free copy of my Have a Heart Sock pattern with each yarn purchase! 

You can purchase these products and more in my shop

Have a happy weekend and especially to all the Mother's out there, Have a lovely day on Sunday!


Monika said...

Your store is well stocked, I'm looking forward to spin my fiber soon. What's so special for mothers this coming Sunday?

Marianne said...

It's Mothering Day coming up!
The Pebbles cardi is sweet, looks soft and light :^)
Your fibres are gorgeous as are your sock yarns, well done with the 'nearly solids'!
I'm off now to browse through your shop, always fun!
Happy Mothering Day to You!

silverpebble said...

What a lovely lovely cardigan. What's NOT lovely is a migraine though - I don't get them, thankfully, but I've heard they're really awful. Sorry to hear about it Marianne.

What gorgeous yarn - how clever to dye it so that it self stripes!

Nora said...

Beautiful cardigan - and those colours are divine!

[Keep us posted on B's musical debut, won't you?]

CG said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend - that cardi is lovely!

Thimbleanna said...

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day Marianne. Maddy's cardigan is beautiful!

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