Sunday, March 08, 2009

A sunny far!

The sun is cascading in through the windows and we are listening to Steve Wright's Sunday Morning Love Songs....ahhhh bliss! Barry made us some delicious porridge, I just love the way dark brown sugar melts into a delicious sauce on my porridge.

My thoughts today are on my carding machine and I might do a bit more dyeing too, having just found a bag of merino roving under my work table.  I thought I had used all my fibre up so that's a bonus.  I have more on order but fibre companies seem to be taking an age to deliver their wares for some reason. I have also ordered some more dyes, I am getting through it like nobody's business!

I bought some pretty fabric when I was in Devon, my intention is to do some sewing, projects bags and storage pots of various sizes.  I have a design in my head that seems to work well and I can use my fabric up and not leave bits and bobs as I don't use a pattern, I'm just guided by the sizes of my fabric pieces. Can I ask you to let me know what you like in a project bag, size, pockets, zips, velcro, drawstring etc?? 
Emilia aged 7

Madeleine aged 5

Sullivan aged 1

My beautiful grandchildren...I miss them loads!

and my Misi shop has had an update...more to follow during the week so keep checking...

Happy Sunday!


Rani said...

Sounds like a sweet morning. Beautiful sweet faces, too.

Pixie said...

Thank you for your lovely comment you left me :))

Beautiful grandchildren you have and no wonder you miss them so much.

You were in Devon, what part?

I love what you have in your shop and when I have cash to spare I will come a shopping

Lucky you to have sunshine, we had heavy showers!

Have a great and creative week xxx

KSee said...

Your G-babies are darling. Where do the big eyes come from?

Thimbleanna said...

Look at those adorable grandbabies -- they're so cute -- I'll bet you DO miss them! I like to have extra little bags in my project bag -- for things like markers, tape measure, pencils, etc. so that I don't have to fumble around in the bottom of the bag to find what I'm looking for!

CG said...

Reading your blog is like escaping to another, happier world!

Capucine said...

Your grand children are lovely !!!!

tiennie said...

What beautiful grandchildren! I hope you had a lovely weekend. :)

Michaela said...

Brown sugar in porridge? No way - it's just got to be golden syrup!

razmabaz said...

How about brown sugar and a tot of whisky? Now, that's decadent but lovely.... sets youup for the morning!

Probably Jane said...

The best porage I had was in a B and B in Belfast - they served it with a winter fruit salad of apricots, figs and prunes laced with a drop of Irish Whiskey - gorgeous.

As for knitting bags - anything without zips or velcro - I like to get my project out in one piece!

spinpygora said...

Glad to hear the Pygora made it across the pond safe and sound! No velcro on project bags, plz. Cute grandkiddo's, btw!

Kyoko said...

Your grandchildren are so cute! :D
Lovely hand-dyed rovings. Gosh, it made me want to start spinning again.
I have been making some knitting project bag and people said to me that zipper pocket to put notions is really useful. Also large opening (for quickly taking things out and in), handle to hold etc. Hope this is helpful..

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