Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day Out With Heather

I made this little yoked cardigan for Miyah out of some stash yarn. You know that feeling when you just have to knit a pattern but can't find quite the right yarn? This yarn is a bit busy for such a pretty design but it looks ok, well I think so. I added 6 stitches to each underarm, both on the sleeves and the body, I don't like patterns that have no shaping. I decreased the stitches on the sleeves every four rows to get back to the original number. The buttons are some antique ones I bought a while ago. I have realised that unless I actually use my precious stuff it will just sit there to eternity!

Looky! Barry has grown some amazing strawberries. The flavour is out of this world and we have loads to come.

He is also growing me some runner beans, oh how I love runner beans and I can't wait for them to appear. We have loads of pretty flowers in the garden too. Such a joy to work in, and to sit in and relax. Neither of us have had such a lovely garden to play with before, it is a new experience for us both.
Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Heather and I went to Bury-St-Edmunds in Suffolk. It was Heather's suggestion, so glad we went!
I was very naughty and bought loads of stuff I didn't need.

This obviously, some undyed yarn, ready for me to dye up. In there is some fine merino angora yarn, enough to make me a cardigan of some description, will definitely need swatching.
I also bought some pre drafted merino/silk fibre in a delightful hand painted colourway. Love the subtle bits of pink in it. I am waiting for the Tour de Fleece to have a spin up of all my special fibre. I wonder how much of it I will actually get done whilst the racing is on?
The amazing shop is run by the very talented Paula of The Yarn Gallery
Well worth a visit but it is best to phone first to check she is open..It is like an aladdin's cave in this old smithy's shop, think Heather and I might be moving to Bury soon...haha

We found a stall on the market selling pretty baskets at ridiculously cheap prices. I was encouraged to buy this one to put my undyed fibre in so my workroom would look a bit less messy. Looks lovely doesn't it?

I also bought this pretty basket with the intention of making some bits and bobs and giving it to the new mum. However, I'm not sure I can part with it as it is a perfect store for all the pink stuff I bought yesterday. I noticed that I really didn't have much or even any, machine washable, pink yarn so after a visit to the amazing Wibbling Woolshop, I think I made up for it!
There is a skirt draped over the side of the basket which I purchased from the market for £8. Not tried it on yet, hope it fits as I bought some sugar cane yarn from the woolshop to knit myself a top. The owner (sorry forgot her name) was knitting herself a Ms Marigold from the same yarn so I thought that maybe I would do the same. Don't think I'll add the ruffle at the shoulder though.

I have already cast on another little pink thing for Miyah, it's the Sugar Plum Cardi in the Sublime booklet. I am knitting it all in one rather than the separate back and fronts, I hate seams, especially in cotton yarn, they always look a bit loopy! I think that this little baby girl has made me go even more pink than usual, so sorry for all you people out there that don't like pink, I have to say that I love it!

When we were trying to find Wibbling Wools, we went into a sewing shop for directions and I came out with these beautiful linen fabric remnants. Perfect for some bags for my shop. Talking of which, as long as the UK has a player left in Wimbledon, I will remove the UK postage off everything and dramatically reduce it to everywhere else.


RooKnits said...

Sounds like you and Heather had a fabulous day out. I am jealous. Ms Marigold is a very satisfying knit.... the pattern is a bit vague with measurements and stitch counts etc etc but at least if you are making it for yourself you can try on as you go! (Mine was a secret 30th birthday present for my best friend who was a completely different - much smaller- size and I kept having to make random people in the office try it on!) One thing I would say, is if you want to wear it without anything underneath you might need to modift the neckline as it is a bit revealing - short rows around the bust would probably help too :o)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Marianne -- what a loaded post. You've been very busy. That little cardigan is adorable!

Rani said...

What a great little sweater! It's so bright and cheerful.

You have so much wonderful stashy stuff!

Carle' said...

Heh those purple flowes are endemic to my area and are called Agathapanthus - though as kids we called them Aunt Agathas panties - LOL

Small world heh!

Linda said...

I do like those baskets. And the strawberries look lovely!

KSee said...

What a wonder post. All i can say is wow to all of it. Your garden is truly a English Garden, one that I always wanted. Sweater is darling. Will you make jam from the strawberries?

Love the backets. Keep the one and get another...

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and funky little cardigan. I love the colouway and style.

Also - we have a red strawberry in our garden. The first one ever! We are very proud :))

knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey ). said...

Wow...Love the basket, I love wicker stuff with fibre and skeins in them.

hakucho said...

That little cardigan is soooo adorable :)

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