Sunday, June 07, 2009

....I was just wondering, what happened to the cat?

Well, yesterday was wet, dull, cold....but oh what a happy day it was! Barry Heather and I had such fun! Don't think I saw a sad face at the amazing UK Ravelry day, aren't crafters' the best? So many smiley faces, I hope I don't forget to name everyone.

The first person I met was WoollyWormhead, it was lovely to meet you Ruth...see you on twitter? I must get on and knit a Dulcie Hat, it is my favourite!

As we were about to venture out into the wet, I bumped into Debbie, Skein Queen. Our second meeting, this time she was a visitor as usually, Debbie is busy selling her wares at functions like this. I have to say Debbie, you must be the most speedy spinner I know, I only posted your fibre out on Wednesday I think, so you received it on Thursday and there you were, showing me your yarn. Glad I wore my necklace as it was the inspiration for the colours in that Shetland!

I have posted these photos in the order in which they were taken...first off is the lovely Sarah, what a darling she is! She came round and gave me a most lovely hug, I forgive you for the wet woolly coat cuddle! Sarah sells gorgeous hand dyed fibre from her shop Babylonglegs

(photo courtesy of Barry Cant)

This is me with my brolly soaking up the wet from the bottom of my too long trousers. My feet and ankles were freezing...didn't dampen my spirits though! lol

(photo courtesy of Barry Cant)

A poor wet Alpaca called Jabba, from Toft Alpacas

(photo courtesy of Barry Cant)

and another, this one is called they were relieved when their Alpaca Taxi pulled up!

Here's Ruth, she's so lovely, we've been chatting for ages and it was special meeting for the first time! Ruth worked so hard yesterday, all the helpers and organisers did, thank you guys!

Sorry I put you on the spot Amanda, I know you don't like having your photo taken! But hey, who's that sneaking in on the shot eh? I absolutely adore The Natural Dye Studio's yarn and fibres, but I have so much at home that I really couldn't justify buying more...well not just now, no doubt I'll be back for more sometime soon!

Now Kate is responsible for me opening my shop on Etsy, did you know that Kate? She bought some of my very first batts and gave me the courage to get on with a dream! Thank you! Kate sells her gorgeous hand dyed fibre and yarn here

Keeping warm and happy in this photos is Nicsknots and Kraftykoala, two of my twittering friends! Lovely to meet you girls :^)

(photo courtesy of Barry Cant)

These pigeons have the right idea!

Oh the lovely Meg Swanson...I was so pleased to meet such a superstar in the knitting world! Barry, Heather and I went to listen to her talk about her wonderfully amazing Mother, Elizabeth Zimmerman. Meg read some excerpts from one of my favourite knitting books, The Opinionated Knitter. We were told of a time they stayed on an island in Canada, September 1971, the diary entry is on page 38, in case you wanted to read it. Anyway, I am thinking that you are wondering about the title of this post? Well, after the reading, Meg offered us a question and answer session which was very interesting. Halfway through this session someone sitting not to far away from me and sounding very familiar asked the question, "what happened to the cat?" !! Of course this was Barry's contribution to a session of questions and answers that otherwise he couldn't have asked anything, not knowing too much about the craft...go Barry! lol

Sorry I got your eyes closed Jared but I just had to include this photo! Jared Flood introducing Meg to the masses! I would have like to have gone to one of his workshops but then, I wouldn't have met up with so many of you! Barry loves his cobblestone you know!!

I just had to take another shot of Ruth with the bag I sent her in a swap we did last year. She loves it and tells me how well it is wearing too. Ruth manages to cram in plenty I can tell you haha!

(photo courtesy of Barry Cant)

Oh and lookeeee! Me with Meg....I love this photo, she is a darling and was so patient and happy to be with us all!

I do hope I haven't left anyone out, I have the most terrible memory so give me a shout if you were there won't you?!

oops nearly forgot Andy, from Bluefaced, I bought some delicious yarn to dye for a KAL I am going to take part in as soon as I have dyed it up. Lovely to meet you Andy!

ETA I have updated my shop with rather a large amount of gorgeously delicious fibre, hope you like it too! FLUFF-n-STUFF


Tamsyn said...

That looks like such a fun day! I stupidly didn't check dates when i booked a little local show so couldn't make it to rav day. It was a little drier here though :)

Skein Queen said...

How could I resist spinning and knitting up your wonderful Murano necklace inspired Shetland? It was lovely to meet you again and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Nic said...

It was a great day, if a little cold and wet ;) Can I link your blog to mine please because I have two pathetic photos of the whole day?
Rooknits knitted the hat I was wearing in the UKswap on Ravelry for me, I agree, a lovely lady :)
I wish I could have seen more of the goings-on inside but it was fab outside too.
It was great to meet you and Barry.

Spinmerightround said...

Such fab pics, shame I din't see you or I'd have come and said hi but then I'm not the most obsevant perosn about

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Marianne -- it looks like a great day -- rain or not. How cool to meet Meg Swanson. And how REALLY cool that Barry went along and took some great pictures!

Jo said...

Looks like a fab day, shame about the weather! I would have loved to come but unfortunately I have to concentrate all my energies on Woolfest...which is looming ominously!

Aknita said...

What wonderful photos.

It's lovely to read everyone's differing perspectives of the day, but the one thing I think we all agree on was what a wonderfully joyous day it was. There was a real buzz the whole day long.

RooKnits said...

It was a pleasure to meet you at last too! A fabulous day - I'm glad you and Barry too so many photos - I didn't get my camera our all day.

Kyoko said...

Oh, wow! Looks so fun! How wonderful that you met Meg Swanson. Lucky you!!
The alpacas look all sheared :D Very sweet!

Marianne said...

Wheeeee! What a wonderful day! and oh, to have the opportunity to meet and listen to Meg! I'm so happy for you!

Linda said...

I am so jealous of your time at the Rav day!!! It sounds so great and you met all those lovely people.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

The UK Ravelry Day looks like so much fun. I enjoyed looking at your pictures.
And you got to meet Meg. How lovely.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a fantastic time.

razmabaz said...

Ha ha! .......

(photo courtesy of Barry Cant)....

..... Like I wouldn't let you use them!

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