Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can you see your square?

Two beautiful blankets ready for the I-Knit weekender!  These are to be raffled on the P-hop stand.  If you can't see your square, don't worry as I had a few left over, if I get enough stragglers then I will make a cushion cover from them and post about it on here.  There are some great prizes in the raffle apart from these two beauties so if you are going to I-knit either Friday or Saturday then do go and buy a ticket or two!

I love both of these blankets, they feel so lovely and drapey and look so pretty! Makes me want to knit myself one, well I will if I don't win one! haha!


Pixie said...

No I don't see mine lol.. but then its so gorgeous, its hard to remember what mine looked like!

Both are gorgeous and you did a fabulous job putting them together :)

hakucho said...

Both are very beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Did you win one? Hope they raised tons of money for MSF.

CG said...

Oh, I want one!!

Linda said...

They are wonderful, I need to make a blanket!

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