Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coffee and Cakes with Michel Roux

It was such a gorgeous experience! Michel Roux is so charming and entertaining to listen to! He told us about the time he told his Granddaughter that they were going on a trip to Paris, no need for a suitcase, just bring your handbag...can you imagine that teenager's delight when they went shopping when they were there? They bought a new suitcase and filled it with clothes. If I had had the wherewith all about me, I would have been the person asking if I could please be his surrogate Grandchild. That question caused great amusement. Jane and I really enjoyed the intimate experience in a Church in Ely. Such a special and posh thing to do! We both queued to have our books signed, well worth the wait :^)

I've been doing loads of sewing for my shop, and am amazed and delighted at the speed with which they sell. Today I am making myself one ready for a day out tomorrow. I am going on a fine spinning workshop, I think I am looking forward to it. Still the company will be good, mostly Ravellers and my lovely friend Heather!

Have a good weekend

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you whipped the flu so quickly and are back in the swing of life. Did you have fun at the spinning workshop?

Your bags are lovely, just lovely.

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