Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A proper blog post

Well ok, a proper blog post! I have been so very busy, mostly sewing but also restocking my shop with soft fat fluffy spinning fibre.

These 'Pack it In Tote' bags sell almost before I've put them in the shop. I really lovely pattern by the very clever and talented designer, Lisa Lam. I have no favourites, I love them all!

I made a big bobble baguette clutch to go with the big bag, they'll work well together especially as the purchaser bought them both!

I love this design too, all squidgy because of the double padding and bigger than you think. I must try and take a photo of the bags on my shoulder, the size is easier to gauge that way. (why is gauge spelt that way when you say gage not gorge? oh and now my spell checker is disputing spelt, should I have said spelled? lol)

I am sorry to be showing you the things I am selling in my shop, I do realise that if you were interested you would have gone to look anyway. However, I am particularly proud of my work lately. It has all sort of fallen into place and feels as if it is working well for me. I truly love creating everything and the pleasure I get when something sells is immense! Smileycons! haha! I love those smileys!

And I have also created 385 metres of the most delicious pygora/silk yarn, one ply of each. Took me an age to spin but after doing the fine spinning workshop, I never lost interest at all.

I am now spinning up some nice and clean suri alpaca, which was so thick with yellow sandy dirt that I just had to wash it. Three washes and quite a few rinses later it turned into some gorgeous silky fibre which I have been hand carding into cigar shaped rolags ready for some fine spinning.

sorry about the use of the collage feature, I really like making them and I can show off more photos without uploading loads of separate photos.

Happy crafting everyone!


Thimbleanna said...

Your collages are beautiful Marianne! I especially love the one of all the pretty, colorful yarn -- gorgeous!

knitty, witty, woo ( Tracey ). said...

I love reading blogs and finding out what people have put in the shops. Keeps me up to date. I agree the collages are lovely, don't apologise and keep doing them.

Ilix said...

oooo look at all the pretty things. Fantastic stuff!

Linda said...

Lovely crafting. the colours are so vibrant with the fibre. I love your handspun too.

Knitman said...

Well Marianne, I for one enjoyed looking at your stuff. i can't spin but those are gorgeously dyed.

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