Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here you see two 'before' photos of that cardigan/jacket I was telling you about. What a tangle of yarn it was and what an age it took me to sew all the pieces together. I have even made 'princess' seaming so there was even more seams than on the usual cardigan. Hmmm, those sleeves look incredibly long to me...I kept looking at them and thinking about them but kept telling myself it will be fine once it's been in the washing machine and magic felting has taken place. That hour in the washing machine seemed to take an age and it was very late before I got to see whether the 'magic' had worked. It had felted beautifully but still those sleeves looked very long to me but I told myself it would look better in the morning.....
but it didn't :^(

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talj said...

Looks like your had a big task on your hands!! :o)

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