Sunday, January 28, 2007


I am very pleased with my new jacket now I have fiddled with it a bit. The sleeves were still way too long this morning and I turned them back but then the seams on the insode of the Jacket were showing. I know! I'll cut them off, turn them inside out and re-attach them and then turn them back...It worked fine and it fits a treat...the fabric is lovely and warm and soft. Result! (I have also worked out that my calculation for the number of rows for the sleeve were way out, don't know what I was thinking of really, I'm sort of glad it worked out like that though)
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Marianne said...

WOW! She's beautiful!!!Love the colour!
I kept thinking it felted to a really really small, just how big/small is it?
It's simply lovely.

picperfic said...

this is the second one Marianne, the first one I made would fit someone about a UK petite size 8, don't know what your equivalent is...this cardigan fits me and I am not a UK size 8! ;^)

Faerynuff said...

That looks beautiful Mum, lovely soft spring colour to cheer us all up :)

Next time you come down, shall we try soem of the water soluble sewing machine stuff? Could be fun!

Marianne said...

Beautiful photo of lovely Emilia.

mrsnesbitt said...

Lovely pic of Emilia, lovely name too.
Love your modern and comfortable looking!

talj said...

And this is beautiful!! :o) Looks like you did a great job!:o)

Marianne said...

Are those little mother-of-pearl/shell star buttons?

picperfic said...

thank you for these comments...yes, these are mother-of-pearl star shaped buttons...they were on the other cardigan but I wanted them on mine! ha ha

Pat said...

What lovely work!

Wish I had time to do handcrafts again.

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