Friday, February 02, 2007

Sing a powerful song

Feeling a bit fragile today.
Since seeing the Saw Doctors not so long ago, Barry and I have been listening to their music, mostly in the car.....I love this song and it's clever use of words....when we are having a hard time we told each other that we should say 'It's time to sing a powerful song!'......sometimes we forget but it seemed appropriate today....
Sing a powerful song

When the troubles of the whole wide world

Come knocking on your door

And there's problems of a different kind

That you've never had before

When you've played against a gale force wind

And it changes at half time

And you feel your strength deserting you

And an emptiness inside

When there's people that will harm you

Though you've done to them no wrong

It time to sing , it's time to sing , to sing a powerful song

When they want to ruin your province

Just turn it into gold

When they think our greatest asset

Can be mined dug up and sold

When the factories are all closing

As they are in our home town

And your friends are looking out for work

That's nowhere to be found

When the sprits they need a risn'

To be happy proud and strong

It time to sing , it's time to sing , to sing a powerful song

(The Saw Doctors 1991)


Marianne said...

Those are great lyrics!
I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so fragile today, I know that feeling well. Keep singing. I'll keep you close in my thoughts and send you the very best, and hope 'it' goes on its way.
Could you get the dancing kites to run?
Glad to have been a much needed distraction....;^)

talj said...

Lovely words! I hope by the time I write this you are feeling much better :o)

mrsnesbitt said...

Love the lyrics, hoping too you are feeling better soon.

picperfic said...

I am feeling fine now thank you...the wonders of a special man and a yarn warehouse!

Pat said...

Great that you are feeling better, M.

I remember the feeling of getting a fantastic shipment of yarn!

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