Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fishnets and.....


I finished them...both of them, honest. This pair of socks weighs 62grammes and the pattern calls for 2 70gram hanks of yarn, which, if my maths is correct, means I have more than enough for another pair! Yippee!

I have been designing again today, making a jumper for my youngest daughter Maisie.

It's going to be a hoodie!

Are there any other machine knitters out there? I wondered whether it would be worth putting my patterns online?

You know my Barry is enjoying his new hobby, curries....well I made myself an omelette for lunch and guess what? It tasted of a mild curry which was quite pleasant but I think he needs his own set of pots to toast and cook his spices in!


talj said...

Curried omelette? Very interesting! ;o) What a lovely picture of your daughter!!! :o) I hope the hoodie goes well and you enjoy the rest of your week :o)

Marianne said...

Maisie, a beautiful red-head, or does she prefer 'strawberry blonde'?
Definitely, he needs his own pots and pans, or perhaps you just need new ones and he can continue with the old ones? Curry does leave its signature. seemingly forever if your're using cast iron.

Beautiful socks! Brava!

Faerynuff said...


Knitty has got loads of beautiful sock patterns, and there is a sock supplement with one of the magazines this month.

I'm sure people would love your patterns. Have you googled for other machine knitters? Maybe you could even submit them to a magazine?

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