Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Love from Ed & Michelle

I have been enjoying taking some shots from my Mother's Day flowers, I even went outside and found the hand sprayer to add some water drops for an added extra. I took loads and discarded loads. I just love the colour of this Gerbera :^). I think this one might even make a greetings card with a few sparkles on it....hmmm
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Marianne said...

Marianne, I love love love that photo, the colours, the tiny water drops, everything about it.
You really do just never cease to amaze me. I don't even think it would need sparkles or glitters, the water drops are sparkling as it is. Truly breathtaking.

Ann said...

Gorgeous...I second the love love love. I say frame it! You have quite a talent, quite the eye...thank you for sharing! XX

CG said...

DOF is amazing. I agree with the other Marianne; i don't think it needs anything added!!

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