Monday, March 05, 2007

Taking a Breather

taking a breather
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I thought I would show you one of my photos from last year. It was taken on a day trip to London and I think I was standing near the end of the Millennium Bridge. I like the diagonal of this shot.
Barry, Laurie and I had been to the Tate Modern and I love it in that place. I find I sort of go off into a bit of a dream world and really enjoy the quiet space I get into. I think I could happily visit this place alone and would surely do that if I lived nearer....

Barry is at home today, he's feeling a bit under the weather and has an earache which he's had since yesterday. I think he's meant to be working from home but he's now doing some washing up. He's got the old laptop doing something with Lynux or summink, a load of twaddle if you ask me!

I am knitting an aran weight cardigan at the moment, I have adapted another pattern and I am knitting the back and sides in one piece up to the armholes, very satisfying as this yarn is variegated in gorgeous tones of gold, beige, turquoise and old rose. The yarn is out of my stash and I got it from EBay last year from Hong Kong. It is a joy to knit with, a bit like Icelandic wool in texture (does that type of wool have a name?), it's pure wool, very soft and gives a nice fluffy haze to the stitch detail. I'm aiming to knit the sleeves in the round up to the armhole shaping, no doubt I'll post some photos to show you soon enough.

I'm just going to edit my image of the week now.....Happy Monday!


CG said...

That yarn sounds gorgeous! You must post a pic when it is finished!!

Hope Barry feels better soon. Your pic of the week is stunning!!

Marianne said...

Oh my, your image of the week is absolutely divine, wow. Face of an angel, eh?
Looking forward to seeing the cardi, it sounds beautiful!

Feel better soon, Barry...

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