Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wash Day

Is anyone else as daft as me? I love to see my washing blowing on the line, especially when I know it will dry because the sun is shining and the wind is good and blowy! Can you see the blossom from the tree in next door's garden? It's warming up I hope and it feels like Spring is on it's way...in fact i can even hear the birds singing. Having a good day here WooHoo!!
I have made a couple of important phone calls today which had been bothering me, why do we do that? The relief I feel now that I have made these calls is immense.
I have also finished the parcel for my Favourite Colour Swap Pal, it is all wrapped and ready go to the post office. I will do that as soon as I've finished blogging this. I really enjoyed putting the parcel together, I just hope the postage doesn't cost as much as what's inside the parcel!!


Faerynuff said...

I've enjoyed watching my washing on the line today as well. It's been a wonderful day :)

Have you got the email yet? They love their socks, thank you xxx

Marianne said...

I'm enjoying seeing your washing blowing on the line outdoors...the blossoms on the tree..so pretty!

CG said...

I love washing on the line too; smells so nice when you bring it in :)

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