Saturday, April 14, 2007

An Afternoon on The Great Ouse

Today we went on a boat trip, we took a flask, some crisps and some fondant fancies. Maisie and I both took some wool and needles/hooks with us but we did none of that stuff. Can you see the size of the needles they provided on the boat? Actually it's the mast but it looked like a needle to us girls! I love that first photo of Maisie, it was Barry's idea to add a bit of fill in flash to the shot and it made all the difference. So glad I found a photographer to share my life with, he knows his stuff!
this last shot was such a precious moment I noticed on the river bank as we chugged past...look at the daisies in his hair, young love, it's so beautiful. I just wish I had dared to take more photos but the girl noticed and I got a bit worried to take more.

If you click the photo below you can see all the photos from today....check out the name of our boat, kewl or what?

We all relaxed and had a great time....

Barry and Maisie made some honeycomb or cinder toffee when we got back, it was/is yummy! I was going to make this cake clicky but my sinuses are so painful that I just had a sleep and a play on here.

I am getting better, very slowly but I think I need to get some antibiotics which, if they don't suit me, make me worse by giving me some revolting side effects, what to do, what to do!!!???


Marianne said...

Your photos are always so beautiful. I loved them all and oh my yes, that's one big knitting needle! ;^)
It sounds like the inflammation in your sinuses may have gone into secondary infection...this has gone on far too long, get thee to the doc and possible antibiotics, I'm also with you on those things, they make me feel awful (people are always amazed to hear me say that but it's true, I hate taking them, but I will when absolutely necessary).
I'm glad you got in such a delightful afternoon!

Ann said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day... fantastic photos. And I also think you need to get to the doctor. Tell him/her about your side effects and get something less abusive. I am allergic to almost everything... "Nasty side effects" are allergic reactions, mild though they may be. Talk to the doc because it should be a help, not something else to recover from! Get better soon!

talj said...

Such beautiful images, all of them! I agree with Marianne too...get to the doctors!!!! {{HUGS}} xx

CG said...

I know how you feel about antibiotics; I always get the dreaded THRUSH but sounds like you may need them. Beautiful pics - I like the young love shot!!

Jo said...

Really hope you are feeling better soon, I'm havign a birthday competition come on over and have a go!!

Anonymous said...

I am in 'another city visiting my loving, caring, close-knit family'and enjoying it so much. Older sisters and a brother, lots of nieces and newphews, loads of get-togethers and tons of food. Jokes, and 'gossip', beautiful gardens and some music. What a fun week this is. Returning home on Sat.

Your Special Treats Friend

picperfic said...

OOh Anonymous...sounds like you're having the best time! I can't wait to find out who you are! :^)

picperfic said...

oh and I did notice the way you have noticed my 'funny quote of the day'!!

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