Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Bag for Denise

I have been having fun today...I found this bag tutorial a while ago over on Melissa's blog. I couldn't find the right weight of fabric for it until today! I spied some curtain fabric I had covering the top of my old pine box. It was draped neatly over the box pretending to be attached to the lid. Obviously the fabric didn't want to be on the lid of an old pine box, it was waiting patiently to be turned into a shoulder bag. It does match my bedroom curtains though. Good job it's a present for Barry's daughter.

Denise gave birth to her second baby on Saturday, a little girl with red hair called Imogen. I love that name, I know Ali had it on her list of names too, it's been crossed off now lol..... I am looking forward to meeting this little bundle soon. Congratulations Dens!

The bag was a delight to make, I love the pattern, thanks Melissa!! I want to make one that's about 3 or 4 inches deeper next time. The curtain fabric was not quite firm enough for this bag, so I ironed on some interfacing to stiffen it up a bit, it worked fine. The other thing I did was to use one of the decorative stitches, that are built into my sewing machine, to edge the bag, instead just using a straight stitch. I really love the way it has turned out. The strap length is perfect too!

Those that are eagle-eyed will notice a photo in the bag sequence that isn't a bag at all, in fact it's something completely different but it will go into the bag along with some other bits and bobs I have been making, if you look closely in one of the photos there is a pattern sneaking into the shot..I'll show you soon enough but right now my eyes ache. I think I need new glasses. Too much close up work at the sewing machine. I never thought I would have to stop sewing because of my eyes!! I really hate getting old, my body is letting me down GGGggggrrrrr!!!

I love these little slide shows from Picassa, you can click on the individual photos for a closer look. I love my photography too and always want to show you more than one or two images and the slide show makes it easier to place them in the blog. All you have to do is copy some html and paste it into the post. So very clever!!!


Ann said...

OLD!? Say classic, instead! I have so many different pairs of glasses...first because I am always losing them and second because depending on what I am doing, I need different strengths. Pretty soon I will have to check out using the bottoms of glass coke bottles!

Miss you!

Marianne said...

Beautiful bag! Absolutely beautiful!

Welcome to the world wee Imogen, may your days be filled with sunshine and rain...must have the blooms and rainbows! May your days be filled with light and all your dreams come true.

Congratulations to all!

andsewtosleep said...

I borrowed Melissa's pattern a little while ago. She really is very clever. Yours has turned out really pretty - just right for Summer. Mary

Michaela said...

What a fantastic bag! It's beautiful!

Rosie said...

Gorgeous bag and fabulous photos. How do you find ouot about these wonderful things like Picassa?

I've decided that I'm "vintage" (think posh wine, witty retro clothing etc) but have been going round muttering darkly about "gone past my use-by date" at work recently!

I've lost your email address: could you mail me?

Many thanks

Jo said...

Lovely bag, pretty lining, I love the slideshows but I don't know how picasa works, you are a clever thing, just well matured and young at heart...never old!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks for linking us up to that purse tute--I love it! I really should make myself a new summertime bag. I LOVE how yours turned out, that large patterned rose fabric made an interesting bag!
Smiles, Karen

Nora said...

Love the bag - and the slideshow presentation!

CG said...

You are so clever..I'm in awe!!

gardeningknitter said...

What a talented person your are. Come on over and make curtains for me, in this house two years now and still don't have it decorated.

Molly said...

Terrific bag! I've had my eye on Betsy Ross bag patterns lately and you're inspiring me to get started.
Congratulations on the new baby in your life!
I just 'tagged' you on my blog to do a 7 weird/random things about me meme. If you think you might like to do it, check out baby finds a kazoo.
I haven't forgotten the lace surpice KAL. Like you, life is getting away from me...we'll begin soon.

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