Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pike Mania and Jacobites

UPDATE: Here's the photograph Matt took on the cover of the magazine, I keep trying to find this magazine so I can read the article but I can't find it anywhere......yet!!

Hello...we've got a busy Sunday but I just wanted to say a big well done to my bruv over in Northern Ireland...he is passionate about his pike fishing and always has his camera in tow to catch the shot of the day and some amazing landscapes! Anyway, Matt writes articles about fishing for a magazine but this time his photo made the cover of Pike & Predators Magazine. I will add a link to the photo of the cover once I have managed to get a copy of the mag. I have to say that at first I thought Matt said the magazine was called 'Pike and Creditor' lol. I think he has written an article in there too...he's so clever! Well Done Matt!! You can also check out Matt's web site Pikemania if you are so inclined....not at all like Zimmermania! lol

We're back from Wimpole Hall now, spent about 4 hours there and had a great time. I have quickly edited some photos, a couple of them I want to do some more work on but on the whole they please me. I particularly like the ones with the fire coming out of the ends of the guns BANG!! I did jump at times, surprised that I didn't get camera shake!


Marianne said...

Big congratulation to your brother! Well done, Matt!

Lovely slide show, I especially enjoy the men in kilts....

I take it everyone is feeling well? Barry has gotten over his sickies? (Hope so and hope you didn't catch them!)


picperfic said...

Yes thank you Marianne, we're so much better, Barry has some new medication and it seems to be sorting him out. The sunshine certainly helps too!

Fiberjoy said...

Good to hear everyone is doing better!

I had to click on the slideshow so I could really study the pictures. Fascinating! Well done photo shot. I should think you could sell some of those to the re-enacters.

PS my word verification: poodu LOL

CG said...

Well done to your brother; you are a talented family!!

Jo said...

Lovely photos, I like the kilts too, and well done to your brother!

angie Cox said...

Holly ( daughter ) is a much better expert on Jacobite history .I get lost after James 2nd . Although she tells me we had one of the few battles in Reading during "The Glorious Revolution" . I get a bit lost about Bonny Prince Charlie ...James 2nd's grandson?

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