Saturday, May 05, 2007

This Way For My Blog!

I found this wonderful blog, howaboutorange which is full of such interesting ideas of things to make from a Graphic Design point of view. Jessica is very talented and I have read every post on her blog as it is so inspirational! Her latest posting is about this site, RedKid where you make your own signs up using a clever word generator thingy...I made this image using it...great fun and as Barry and I are having a sort of take it as it comes week end I feel able to play! Really we should be bagging up our garden waste to take to the recycling centre but we are both playing ont'internet...
Barry is in Aviation Mode. He has found some old photos of the Red Arrows that he took a while ago and has sent them to me to make some 'boys' greetings cards from, I wonder where I can put the glitter
heres one of the said photos ?

After we have been to the dump we are going to go to Duxford to see some more aeroplanes, I'm taking my knitting!!

I do love coming across these lovely arty crafty sites...keeps me from doing the housework for hours!
Have a good's a long one in the UK as Monday is a Bank Holiday HURRAH!!


CG said...

Must visit that site! was in Hobbycraft this morning and thought of you! I bought a cross stitch key ring kit (don't laugh!)

Nora said...

I love how you and Barry 'craft' together! Love it! The aviation photos are perfect for boys - of all ages. Maybe you could add glitter to the blue smoke... :)

Marianne said...

I must be losing my mind, I thought I'd left a comment earlier today.....
LOVE the sign! and that blue smoke? fabulous!

Have a great long holiday weekend!

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