Friday, May 04, 2007

Acorn Antiques 2001 Episode

Friday Funny Video Clip!

The humour of Victoria Wood gets me every's good fun with no swearing! Julie Walters is such an amazing talent!

I loved watching Acorn Antiques when it was in it's heyday. This is great as it gives an insight into the fun that was had in the making of the programme. Look our for Mrs O in her leotard...I laughed out loud at the sight! Do try and watch this to the end, it really is so funny...or is it me?


Jo said...

Now Keith is a huge Acorn Antiques fan, its not really weird enoug for me I'm a Mighty Boosh fan, it's funny what you say about Picasa because Keith put it on my old laptop, all I used to use it for was finding pictures, because I had so many old folders and folders within folders you couldn't keep track of everything! Happy Friday medears!!

Marianne said...

Well, I did think it was a bit funny, and probably would more so if I were more familiar with the characters.
Yes, Happy Friday!

picperfic said...

looks like it's my

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