Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not long now....

Cherry scone anyone? Don't they look yummy rising up in my new oven? I am used to an oven that burns everythng so I am cautious with the heat but I think this one is spot on! Hurrah!!
I fancied doing a bit of crochet and fell in love with this pattern
I ordered the actual yarn from a UK distributor of Garnstudio Yarns and I am delighted with it.
I made a few adjustments as the pattern was a bit haphazard towards the end. I should have checked out the photo on the pattern but I just got carried away with my crochet and did just trebles instead of the clusters but it looks fine. I also made the hood a bit wider and used stripes on it instead of just cream. I also did a row of crab stitch all round to make a nice edging. Now I need to get some pretty buttons to finish it off. We will be seeing Imogen at the weekend so hopefully, if it fits, I will get some photos of her in it.
This is another Drops design This is for Leon, Barry's grandson.
I used Rooster Almerino Aran, it is soo spoingy and soft...a truly beautiful yarn to work with. See those 8 rows of garter stitch? Well, it was meant to be 8 rows of stocking stitch, silly me, I should have looked at the photo instead of reading the pattern!
all the cables were done without a cable needle, I love doing cables more now, they are just so quick to do.

Leon came to lunch today with his Mummy and Tobi, they are a lovely little family and we had a lovely time. I made a roast dinner in my new oven, it worked a treat...the Lemon Surprise Pudding was just as it should be. My old oven used to burn everything...such a treat to have an oven that works!


Poor old Gethin.....but yippee for Matt! Can't wait for the final now! I think that Alesha will win...she is a stunningly beautiful woman and an amazing dancer, poor Matt is a bag of nerves, he is only 20 years old, love him!

I'll be watching Cranford again this evening...I absolutely love this programme, it is like an old fashioned 19th century soap opera, a masterpiece!

Back to my second Tulip cardigan...just the sleeves to go now.
I have caught Barry's cold, Grrrrr....atishoo!
Here is a link to a tutorial on how to do cables without a cable needle, just for you Olivespearls! (do you have a blog?)
CLICKY (thanks Ann!)


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Bless you!
I'm impressed at how quickly you knit and crochet and I love what you've made this time. Hopefully I'll get some time over Christmas to carry on with my crochet blanket.
Cranford was fab this evening, I want it to go on and're right it's like a soap-opera so no reason why it can't be on 3 times a week like Corrie!

Michaela said...

I've missed Cranford tonight and am very annoyed. Repeat next weekend? I was cheering for Gethin - and I don't even watch it. Drat. Not a happy bunny...

But on a very positive note, the first UK blanket is now finished - pictures tomorrow. Weather permiting of course.

Anonymous said...

The scones look yummy; I'll take two please :-)

Beautiful little sweaters! I'm thinking I may need to make the little crocheted one. I haven't done much crochet lately - it's time.

Monika said...

Mmmm, the cherry scones look delicious. I like all kinds of scones,but I like the ones with cheese the most. Both sweaters are adorable.

Jo said...

The scones look great, its mince pies all the week for me, we tend to eat quite alot of mince pies all year round! Love the drops crochet, makes me want to pick up a hook and get started for my friends little girl.

Working Mom Knits said...

Do the delicious looking scones come with coffee? (Our coffee here at the office is terrible today - an no one is sharing her Christmas baking just yet)

Love the handiwork pics!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, delicious! And the scones look yummy too. ;) You've made me curious about your no-needle cable method--I didn't know it could be done!


tiennieknits said...

Love the pretty knits! Yummy yummy scones too!

Faerynuff said...


Gorgeous cardi and jumper.

love to all xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Oh My! Those sweaters are beautiful! I especially love the colors in the first one. And yum-o on the muffins!

Marianne said...

I rather like the neck on Leon's sweater, the sweater is a Beauty!

Taoknitter said...

You are so busy and creative!!!! Food, knitting, crocheting, photography...fantastic!

Isn't cabling with no needle easy? Keeps me speeding along. The sweater looks so wonderful.xoxo

hakucho said...

Beautiful sweater...just lovely :)
I love the buttons on the side!

Capucine said...

merci for the link to the sweater !!!!! Garn studio is great isn't it ???? I love this sweat !!!!

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