Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day Out in Norwich

My lovely friend Andrea came to stay with us on Wednesday, we always have such a happy time when she's here. Andrea also brought Laurie, my 24 year old with her as he lives not too far away from her. It was lovely having them both here.
On Friday, we went to Norwich with some other knitters, we were meant to be going to a Textiles Exhibition but seeing as we hardly ever spend time together these days, Andrea and I decided to go shopping instead. The shops in Norwich are an inspiration although we didn't find the shoes I needed to find...hope I find some soon.
As you can see, we have matching shopping bags, the big bags with the bows on were a bargain and we both filled them up really quickly with more shopping. On the way up to Norwich, on the train, I did some knitting. Lots of knitting in fact. I carried on knitting in the evening too. Then as thought I was nearing the finish of the back of my Elspeth cardigan, I counted my stitches, and I didn't have enough. In my haste to knit on the train, I didn't read the bit where it said to increase each end every 10 rows so I had to frog all but 12 rows of knitting! I am almost back to where I was now though, Rowan Calmer is a delight to knit with and this pattern is interesting.

Barry has been cooking again...look here?

Oh and the almond croissants were very tasty!

I have been busy working on a project for my UK Swap pal...I can't wait to show you what I've made, I really really want to keep it!!
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KSee said...

You too. That is what I have been doing is ripping back on my socks. The Elspeth sure is a pretty pattern. Can't wait to see yours completed.

Marianne said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely day! I agree, the Elspeth is a very pretty pattern!
Good luck with the shoes!

CG said...

How nice you're having such a great time with your friend!!

misplacedpom said...

Ahh, Norwich! You're making me miss my university town!

Rosie said...

I ended up frogging my crochet, if that's any comfort, just couldn't keep count whilst nattering. and those marshmallows were divine: Barry is a culinary genius!

tiennie said...

Looks like a lovely time!

Nora said...

Love the matching shopping bags - and Barry's soup!

I know how you feel about all that frogging - I'm putting off doing the same to mine.

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