Monday, June 02, 2008

Calla Lily Bag

I have wanted to make this bag (ravelry link) ever since I got the book. 'The Knitter's Book of Yarn'

I can't finish my Corset Tank top because I have run out of yarn...never fear I have ordered more! I intend to make the crocheted buttons too so another skein was entirely neccess'ry!However, Cat Bordhi, as marvellous as she is, got the better of me! She has given me a real headache with this bag and I love her for it. A challenge is so much me! I am tenacious with any project that I want to achieve. I will give it my best shot and I will not give up!! I did not understand the instructions which came after knitting the base of the bag. I tried and tried to understand what she was trying to make me do. I tried to just 'do it' in true Starsky style (apologies to those fo you that don't know to what I am referring, we watched the spoof Starsky and Hutch on Saturday night and loved it, simple is our humour lol) anyway....I unpicked and looked and read and read again and picked up and unpicked and googled for help!! Still I couldn't get it. I then made the model as she suggested in the book, it helped a bit but not really cause I didn't know to which bit she was referring in the pattern. Good job we had made a decent job of tidying up yesterday or I wouldn't have felt comfortable spending so much time on this project today. I have sorted out three drawers of filing this morning, I hated that but feel better for doing it. I keep going off topic sorry... Anyway, I had a brainwave and googled for Calla Lily Bag photos and found one really good photo that helped me to see what it was that I was meant to be doing. The base is double fabric isn't it Miss Bordhi? You could have told me!! I realised that I had to pick up stitches from underneath the double layer onto the other needle above, I have tried to show you via my photos in the vain hope that I might help someone else that has had the same problems trying to knit this amazing bit of architecture. We are knitting one 'cup' at a it!

here is a view from underneath. That's a guiding pin you can see not a sewing needle so don't get confused with that as well will you?
So Cat, if you're out there, can I just tell you that I am drawn to your clever work and I would truly love to know how your brain ticks cause both the Moebius and this pattern have taxed me to the limit and I consider myself to be advanced in the knitting department with a logical brain but you got me............twice! Well done you!

EDIT: I have just realised that I have not done this as per the instructions as we are told to 'pick up 42 sts along the middle of the top layer' and I went through both layers as I picked up. I'm not going to frog this as I think it will work OK. In the finishing instructions we are told to 'loosely sew through both layers along midline' and I have already done that in the picking up bit!


Ali said...

Oh my word - what is that beautiful yarn you're using for the bag? The colours are glorious!

Rosie said...

OOh, stressful. But I totally understand and aplaud that "I will sort it out, yes I will" attitude and I adore the yarn. Hope you'll soon be progressing in leaps and bounds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mari,

Tried to look at the Calla lily bag, via the link, but just got some page that told me to log in and that I couldn't log in for at least two days (after asking for an invite). I think the pattern is way beyond my current skills, but would love to know what it looks like as I'me very fond of said lily. Do you have any other pics/links?



tiennie said...

I think it'll work out. Such pretty pretty yarn!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- this looks like a fun challenge Marianne! The yarn is beautiful too. Love the candies you sent to Barry in the last post -- what a fun, fun thing to do on your wedding day!

KSee said...

Can't wait to see the finished bag. I'd have thrown the bag across the room at this point. You have more patience than I.

Anonymous said...

Had a lightbulb over the head moment and Googled for the bag. Fifth link - a great photo showing the bag and a comment from yourself!

Here's the link in case anyone else isn't a Ravelry member. Is that likely?



razmabaz said...

I'm not a Ravelry member! Though it has been suggested I join :-ʃ

Queen of the froggers said...

I like the colour yarn you are using, can't wait to see it done!

Probably Jane said...

What an elegant design. I am sure it will suit you very well.

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