Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've been Hexed!

By this gorgeous bag! The free pattern is online and the lovely Lisa gives you all the detail of what you need to buy to make this lovely bag! It is such fun, I keep opening and closing it, just because it pleases me!

I love the way it sits when it is open....all due to some boning in the side seams, which she has left off the shopping list but I had some left over from all the wedding sewing so I wasn't too phased!
I have got some little studs to put on it's bottom (ouch!) to stop the bag getting dirty, it's not really washable.
I love the fabric by Michael Miller: Sweet Home in Pink only half a yard is needed so it wasn't too expensive...I love the details of the bag, like the inside zipped pocket which was great fun to do. The closure is so clever, and the metal stuff to attach the handle looks so professional. I have to make more!!!I am definitely entering my summer sewing phase...look at my lovely little pile of fabric, I can't wait to make more bags. The top fabric might be another of the Hex bags. I have some navy linen I want to make the trousers that are in the pattern in the photo. They look so comfy and I love the wacky skirt on the pattern to, the shape looks such fun!
Yesterday we had such a lovely day out. This photo is of Barry after we had eaten a delicious lunch in the Ha-Ha Bar near the theatre. We had a coach trip (I did some sock knitting) to London and a fantastically brilliant and wonderful show to see at the Victoria Place Theatre. Billy Elliot!! I am still awestruck by the magnificent splendour of the show.
We had tickets that were heavily subsidised by Barry's works. Lucky us!We loved every moment of the show. Barry was a bit shocked by the swearing in the show, I understood the need for it to be honest. I remember the Miner's strikes in the 80's, swearing doesn't offend me on the whole, but since being with Barry I tend to flinch at every swear word as I can feel his displeasure! I expect a lot of the parents there were a bit shocked at the swearing though, there were loads of young children in the audience. I chatted to some young girls about the swearing as we waiting to go to the loo in the interval, they said they were shocked by it. I pointed out to them that the miners were so frustrated and worried about their futures that swearing was a way for them to let off steam, it was a way of life for them and I felt it was intregral to the story line. Loved it!!


Barry and Leon playing football in the garden!
Leon is a bit good with football, he does amazing drop kicks and he's not 2 til September
He is a little cutie, Leon is Laura's son, Barry's youngest daughter. She had taught Leon to shout out 'GRANDMA' just for me, it feels a bit strange but wonderful at the same time! We are both so lucky at how all the children are fine with us both now, the wedding was the sealer I think, it makes us feel so happy when we reminisce about our magical day......

I am knitting a hat for someone that has done us a very big favour, he has worked really hard for us and this is my way of saying thank you to him. It is a design by Holly called ZeeBee
I am using a double strand of Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn, which brings it to a worsted weight which is perfect for this clever hat construction. Sideways garter stitch with wrapped stitch shaping. I am enjoying this pattern and will probably finish it tonight.

Maisie made some yummy fairy cakes! She is getting so clever in the kitchen. She did the squirty icing too!
I cut my finger on our new Mandolin so Barry took over and he cut his thumb too!
I am a bit scared to use this device again, the thing that grabs the stuff you are slicing doesn't hold it too well...maybe I'll have another careful go, the slices were such fun to do!
Hope you're all having a happy weekend, we're going out to collect some elderflowers if the wind hasn't blown them all away. I want to make some more Daisy Water(recipe link), perfect with a splash of gin, some ice and a slice and topped up with some fizzy water! Yum!


Marianne said...

So much to comment on! Love the bag, how cool is that! and your fabrics and your patterns (yes on the cropped trousers!)... Maisie's cupcakes are gorgeous, seriously... those are beauties!
careful with the mandolin, it looks wicked sharp!

CG said...

What a great post. i'd love a bag like that. You are right about the swearing in Billy elliot. Seems true somehow.

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your bag too! Very clever the way it stays open. I hope your finger isn't too sore, and Barrys!

gilraen said...

I love the bag!!! Beautiful in pink!! :)

I envy you your fabric stash too....

Dove Knits said...

OH, that bag is so cute! I just love it. I love your fabric stash, too, and, of course, Leon is just darling!

Probably Jane said...

What a happy, busy time you are having. Makes me smile to read it.

I do covet your bag though...

hakucho said...

Your bag is beautiful...sure wish I was better at sewing!
Those fairy cakes are not only look delicious, but beautiful to look at :)

Ouch, mandolins are quite dangerous. I don't have one and I think it's best if I don't get one after seeing your injuries ;)

tiennie said...

Pretty bag! Yummy on the cakes. Take care of you and Barry - ouch!

Monika said...

Your posts are always so cheerful, one can sense the love in your life. I envy you your bag sewing ability! It's a lovely bag, but I'm not up to it. I can only make the easy ones, without the whatnot. The cub cakes look yummy, mouth watering really. Woa, I would stay away from this sharp tool!

silverpebble said...

What a summery bag - gorgeous. Such lovely fabrics too.

Excellent footy skills! And magic cakes - great post

LizzyT said...

I love that bag it is gorgeous and the cupcakes look delicious.

Capucine said...

your bag is very cute !!!! and your little Léon also so nice !!!! yes it's me !!!! thanks for your comment on my blog !!!!! your stash fabric is so... beautifull !!!!!

sorry for my poor english do you understand me ????

à bientot .... merci de tes commentaires ....

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh Marianne -- that bag is just beautiful! I love all the little hardware details -- no wonder you love it. Can't wait to see the hat you're working on and now I'm hungry -- those cupcakes look divine. Also, you might try doing a google search -- a few days ago, I saw somewhere (sorry, I can't remember where) some gloves that you can wear for when you're using your mandolin. I'm always really careful when using mine but I end up with food that doesn't get sliced 'cause I'm afraid to get my fingers so close!

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Marianne, your bag is gorgeous, I'm tempted to get my sewing machine out now especially as it uses so little fabric. I haven't popped by for a while, v. busy at work but finally I've escaped for a few weeks and am catching up with my favourite blogs. I went to see Billy Elliot last week too!It was one of the best shows I've seen, the language takes some getting used to but it's in context I think, and the dancing is breathtaking. I was amazed at some of the cast especially the older guy who danced like a ballerina but looked like a navvy!
Lovely posts as always, I can rely on you to give me nice things to look at.
Gill x

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