Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A 1930's wife...

Michaela has made a Mini Resolution list for the six weeks holidays and I thought that maybe I could make one too:-
  1. Do ironing so we can find the spare bed
  2. Take Maisie out on education trips to shopping centres and restaurants every other day
  3. Try and finish lots of knitting
  4. Try not to start to knit too many things without finishing stuff first
  5. Help Maisie to sew herself something
  6. Try not to fuss too much as Maisie uses my precious sewing machine
  7. Go food shopping more often as I have a bit of a problem going to the supermarket and we often run out of food!
  8. Put some thought into our Photo Business in preparation for the Wedding Fayre we're attending in October
  9. Finish website...should be at top of list
  10. Tidy the house from top to bottom every day before I even look at some knitting
  11. Try not to worry too much about previous resolution
  12. Get the swap stuff sorted for my pals
  13. Send a goody bag to Robin as I owe her for sending me a Knit Picks order over...
  14. Put all our beautiful wedding photos into an even more beautiful coffee table book...oooh so excited about our new photobooks we are going to be using for our business
  15. Try to go to bed earlier ~ days never seem long enough to me, why waste good knitting time sleeping? Mind you if I do go to bed and actually manage to sleep it is a miracle!
  16. Lose some weight again
  17. Do some exercise, see above!
  18. Find an accountant
  19. Try to recycle a bit more, my Son in Law is brilliant at it!
  20. Go to France for a week.....maybe I aught to get on and sort that one!
so there we are...I think my list could get a bit too large!

Here's one of my favourite photos I took on our honeymoon in Venice....just because I don't think a blog post is interesting without a photo or two....



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

I found this test over here....I feel an affinity with the 30's so I was very pleased to get this result!


Michaela said...

Great list there! If I were you, I'd just ignore no.s 1 and 10 and concentrate on 2 and 3!

Love your wet Venice photo. Do you know, you really are quite good at taking pictures aren't you?

Jo said...

add number 21, arrange a Spinning Lesson with Jo! Was thinking about it today, speak soon!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, what a great list! I going to go take a nap now -- you've made me tired just reading it!

Rosie said...

I like the second resolution best! Suggest maybe put things to be ironed under bed.. But then I scored 10 (verypoor:failure) as a 1930s wife. Oh dear, don't tell Graham.

tiennie said...

Don't forget to have a little fun too. :) I love that shot.

Alison said...

Crikey; I scored -3...

Faerynuff said...

Look at you and your Very Superior!

I came out at 61 - Superior...must be all the smoking and drinking I don't do!

Looking forward to using my NDS - what will it become?

Love you xxx

silverpebble said...

Yikes, that's quite a long list - hope it doesn't stress you out! Chilling out and perhaps sipping gin should be on there too (or maybe a creme de menthe for a bit of a thirties moment).

Beautiful photo of Venice. I can't see the cardi though - your link seems to direct me straight back to this post.

silverpebble said...

Aha, found the cardi - not that difficult! Sorry, having a 'special' moment.

Anonymous said...

I got tired just reading your list! The summer holidays seem to pass in such a blur yet it's hard to resist not packing too much into them.

The early thirties do seem like they would have been a good time to be alive. I'm leery of clicking links for tests. A few weeks ago I followed a link by a knitting blogger and took a test and since have been inundated with prono emails in what used to be a junk-free email account.

I hope you meetup with Jo for a spinning lesson. :-)

raining sheep said...

That is quite the extensive list. I might have to go and have a rest after reading it. Love the Venice photos and I also love your wedding photos...I took a little look at them...gorgeous dress.

Probably Jane said...

That resolution about tidying every day...quite made my blood run cold!

I am in awe.

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