Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bouncing Around

This first photo is a secret....something for one of my swaps I am doing, will it be for you or you or you I wonder??
I have just taken posession of this book
I have been updating our website and it annoys me the way the buttons shift about so I need to learn about Cascading Style Sheets! When I learnt stuff at college in 2003 we used these Adobe Classroom in a Book books and I loved the way they helped me to progress in my learning. I love doing tutorials, they are like puzzles to me and please me when I have achieved the object of the exercises. I just need to find the time to actually do the tutorials!
After I had finished making the secret in the top photo, I found this pattern and was eager to make it so I had a go. It fair blows your mind at first but once you've done a few repeats I 'got' it! It is a lovely pattern and I think I'll be using up my bits of cotton yarn on it.
I love the hanging ring at the start of the cloth, it is fun to do that bit then you really have to put your brain into gear, well I did, but I do have a bit of a flutterby brain lately! Oh, the yarn is Anchor Magicline Dotty.
Look look look!
Aren't you just so jealous? I managed to secure me a skein of Amanda's new sock yarn. She didn't have much in so I was very lucky to get this. It truly is angelic, so soft and very tactile!
After chatting with my lovely friend Wanda about spinning she helped me to choose this gorgeous spindle. I have a little twiddle every time I go past it and I think I am getting the hang of it now. Hah!!I also got a DVD from her which was very informative and really lovely to see Wanda and hear her voice too! Wanda's husband Ed, makes the spindles, mine is called a purple heart and it is very beautiful. I am looking forward to plying the yarn I spin as it is done from the little ball made by winding the yarn round the bottom. You just pull the shaft out and then the feet and it is there, a cute little ball of yarn!! Amazing! The yarn is plied by using an end from the middle and the end on the outside, can you imagine the tangle I will get into?
So Jo, when are we having this lesson?


nicolette said...

Lovely colourful crochet work!!

The website looks wonderfuL!

Dreamweaver.. I hated the programme and first switched to Adobe Go-Live and then to Softpress Freeway Pro. So easy to use.
I’ve had some workshops to learn it and I love it!

Monika said...

The secrest looks so colorful and nice. The pink pot holder is lovely too. :o)
I wish you lots of fun with your spinning adventure!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooohhhh, a secret! We Love a secret! That little wash cloth is really cute -- how clever to have the hanger on it. And the spindle thingy is just confusing me. So confused, I can't even come up with a questions about it!

hakucho said...

I LOVE your crazy cloth and I love the way it starts...awesome :) Thanks for the link!

tiennie said...

You have been busy! Pretty projects!

silverpebble said...

That's a seriously glamorous dishcloth! So lovely - the hanging loop is a great idea and the yarn is very pretty.

That spindle is fabulous too, what a brilliant design.

Marianne said...

YAY! Look at all the fun stuff you have going on! Your secret project has some truly lovely colours.
The sock yarn, just gorgeous.
The Turkish spindle, what a Beauty and look at you go!

Probably Jane said...

Aha! I knew it would be only a matter of time before you joined the spinning collective. Gorgeous spindle. I think the beauty of these hand made wooden objects is part of why I am so drawn to spindle spinning - I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

raining sheep said...

Such pretty yarn...I really like pink, so of course I love the yarn. I hope you will eventually show the whole secret because the colors are a nice little peek. I admire you for building a website...all that stuff seems so complicated. I have a hard enough time mastering blogger :)

Anonymous said...

I have that very same spindle (well, not that one, but one just like it) ;-)

What a cute washcloth; I may have to make some.

Your new yarn looks like heaven; yes, I am jealous!

KSee said...

pretty colours for your swap project. Like your web site update. The point size could be a bit larger for those of us that can't see tiny letters. Your pictures are always beautiful.

Jo said...

I'm on the way, truly I am, just take a peek at your diary, Fridays are always good at the moment! These Turkish spindles are where I started to spindle spin!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha, I see crocheting has bit you too. Loving the looks of the secret. And that dishcloth has me intrigued.

Working through the Adobe Dreamweaver would be a good learning exercise. I've been put off by the price of Dreamweaver but really need to improve my website building knowledge.

Aim said...

I love that dishcloth! Looks really great in that yarn. I'd like to find that yarn here in the I'm gonna have to go hunting :) It's all your fault!

p.s. I tagged you at my blog :p

Lin said...

Someone is going to be lucky to gat that pretty knitting. I like your dishcloth too.

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