Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Can't Think of A Title

I recently purchased Mason Dixon Outside the Lines and immediately had to cast on The Jane Austin Dress and Shrug for Imogen. A very quick knit using sock yarn and Rowan Kid Silk Haze. (not the yarn called for in the pattern I hasten to add) I have yet to sew the skirt bit on. I think she'll like it as her favourite colour is 'red' which translates as 'pink' according to her Mum!

I couldn't resist crocheting these little shoes for Miyah, love her toes poking out! With all her wriggling shemanaged to make her toes come out a bit too far lol. I do love a bit of crochet, it grows so quickly...

Here's my girl, Maisie, snuggling that little bundle Miyah. She is such a sweet little baby. We had her to stay for 2 nights to give Laura a break. Maisie did the first night shift and was a brilliant little 'Mum', never woke me once! The next day, Miyah developed a bit of colic which was a bit unsettling for us all. I've never had to deal with colic before so didn't realise what it was until after the event. I had Miyah the second night as she was getting a bit upset and so was Maisie. She soon settled down to sleep though and the pain passed and we had happy little Miyah back again!

Miyah is modelling her Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater which can be found in Greetings from Knit Cafe. Laura told me that she puts the cardi on Miyah the other way round as the straps are long enough to go round the back and then to the front again! She like the pretty crossover bit to be on show. I love the feel of the synthetic soft, machine washable baby yarn and I am ashamed of myself haha. I used Sirdar Snuggly Kisses DK.

I have been weaving again, it keeps me sane when Barry disappears on business. This time I made an open weave scarf and although I didn't enjoy the weaving too much, I adore the finished article.

It is alpaca/merino, fulled and slightly felted to make the fibres grip each other. Super soft and very pretty, I love the fringe too. I used a hair braider to do the twiddled ends. After felting, I just cut the knots off the bottom. Will make more of these no doubt....I love the way all this weaving is eating into my far too big stash of pretty yarn!

On the needles right now is a hoodie for Sullivan, using Rowan Luxury Cotton...very posh!

Barry has written a lovely blog post about his exploits in our garden, you can read it here he'd love to hear from you!

Right, time to get this day going, we're off to photograph a naming ceremony this afternoon. Looking forward to both the ceremony and the 'do' afterwards! The baby is the Granddaughter of a couple whose wedding we photographed last year.

Hope you all have a restful day...oh and if you're looking for something a bit different in the spinning department then check out my shop, I have added a new line called Take 3


KSee said...

Whats to say. It is all beautiful. Love the little toes peeking out of the shoes. The scarf it a gem. Wish I could drive over and see what your doing and how you did it.

OK, off to visit Barry.

Anonymous said...

Everything is lovely as usual! Miyah is so sweet and I adore those little toes in her cute little sandals - too darn sweet.

Tamsyn said...

gorgeous work, Miyah looks a sweetie. Love the little crochet shoes and your scarf is beautiful. Your very talented :)

Marianne said...

I am loving all the baby knits, and the bitty crocheted sandles are The Cutest!
and the scarf! on FB it gives the impression of being more solid.. not airy (I just thought you'd woven dark wool in with the lighter colours) so what an eye opener!

hakucho said...

Miyah sure is a cutie in her beautiful pink sweater :)

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, what a beautiful baby! She looks so cute in that adorable little jacket. And you're SOOOO funny -- when I feel that acrylic yarn, I'm ashamed too LOL!

Linda said...

Totally lovely knits! The colours are gorgeous. I do like the scarf too. You are an inspirational weaver!

Rani said...

I absolutely love the green color of that shrug! It's my favorite color!!

tata said...

Those shoes are adorable!!!

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