Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two years ago....

Can you believe it is 2 years ago all this was going on?  Such a wonderful 2 years it has been...always fun and always full of love, I married a darling!

Barry has found somewhere new for us to go for a meal this evening, must NOT eat any chocolate today!


Next weekend we are off to Wonderwool Wales, staying 2 nights in what sounds like a gorgeous little B&B! Full Welsh breakfast, so naughty but oh so yummy. Barabrith & Welshcakes freshly placed in our room every day!

I am really looking forward to meeting friends there, hope you all wear badges as I am rubbish at recognising people.  I wonder what I'll find to buy whilst we're there? What do I need? lol


I took a day off from my shop last week and made these pretty singles for a competition.  260 metres, sportweight, superfine merino, merino, BFL, silk, cashmere and angelina. There is still time to enter, you have to sign up for Shiela's Newsletter and the info is in this months copy..

I have also been knitting a Gaenor scarf for Maisie, she chose the yarn out of my stash which is more like a yarn shop!  The yarn is dkKnits technicolor dream toes, very pretty colourway!

Nearly finished then I have my heart set on knitting one of these, using some of my own hand-dyed yarn :)


I'm going to do a bit more de-cluttering today, did 2 rooms yesterday, it feels good to sit in them now!


helen said...

what a beautiful post for today, Happy Anniversary to you both, hope the next two years are just as magical for you as the last two :)
Adore your daffodil themed yarn, its so pretty.
Helen x

peahen said...

A lovely selection of photos. I really like the technicolour dreamtoes colour - strong colours with black works so well.

Anonymous said...

I love how the Gaenor is looking so far!
Happy Anniversary!

Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

What gorgeous photos !! Happy Anniversary, and hope you have a fabulous time.. a rest so deserved after all your stuff you have had to go through with your wrist...

Best wishes

Thimbleanna said...

Has it really been two years? Wow! Happy Anniversary to you lovebirds!

sulkycat said...

happy anniversary marianne, have a lovely time!

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