Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dear Diary...

18th April 2010, we went for an anniversary meal in The King's Arms, Polebrook
The food was amazing, we have to go back, which is good, as I have lost the bit of paper the lady sitting the other side of the hatchway here gave me. Her name is Ibby, and she has offered me a fleece and I can go and choose my own. I was meant to have phoned her, but having lost the bit of paper this is somewhat difficult. However, we have a plan, we are going back to take part in the quiz and hopefully make contact again :)

The week before last it was Michaela's birthday and the girls came round to lunch. I made them some Melancholy chicken Soup and home-made bread and Michaela brought the cupcakes! Oh boy, were they delicious, Heather and I shared what was left after M said she didn't want to take the remains home, lucky us! Oh and thanks for the info M, I now own the Hummingbird Cookbook!

On the Friday, Barry and I travelled down to Builth Wells, Powys, for a wonderful Wonderwool Wales weekend! We met so many lovely people that I chat to on Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry, I mean, SO many, I think I spent longer chatting than I did browsing. On the Sunday, we met up with some good friends of ours, Peter and Kini, I think I enabled her a bit, sorry Kini, it was so good to have a hug and a chat xxx Oh and Brendle, he has grown up!

I finished Maisie's Gaenor and have been wearing it, sorry Maisie, I will wash it and make myself one so you can have this one when I next see you xx

Here's Helen wearing the darling hat she bought to wear to a wedding, today I think :) A while back, Helen and I were swap partners, we were rebels and spoilt each other, which caused others in the group to get a bit twitchy lol. It was so lovely to meet her, we chatted for ages with her partner Neek and daughter Sofie as well. A lovely bunch of people :)

Amongst some other bits and bobs, I purchased this darling, tiny, 12g Turkish spindle. It spins like an angel and when I'm not looking at it or stroking it or using it, I shall be admiring it on my mantelpiece :) I spun that little bit of lace-weight whilst in bed at the B&B, which was so lovely BTW.

I also ordered something naughty for me to take to London with me when I do the Lexi Boeger Class at Knit Nation in July. Barry encourages me to buy things which I would like but am a bit too scared to purchase. It is a little baby folding Louet Victoria, weighs under 9lb in it's bag, very cute!

I took this photo as we were walking around the town of Llanwrtyd Wells after our evening meal on the Friday night, at the local pub. Crikey, that meal filled us up!

We went out for a meal with Sally and her 2 chums on the Saturday and had the most delicious Indian meal, yum!

I am really enjoying knitting myself an Elsewhere Cardigan
The yarn is amazing, Araucania Aysen which I got in payment for some bags I made for Sarah's Shop
I am very happy with this deal...

And here's my latest spinning for my Benedikta Jumper, Two ply, DK weight, 290 metres 100g, only another 500g to spin, will I do it? Well I've spun up 300g so far so maybe by the autumn I will have spun it all.

So, I hope I've not bored you, I think that brings us up to date, I am going to be spinning up an order for some pretty arty singles this afternoon, what will you be doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

WOW just love that spun yarn, everything looks so gorgeous but the yarn at the bottom just jumps out of the page :) Really beautiful Marianne.
Helen x

Thimbleanna said...

Oh my gosh -- you've been so busy! It sounds like you've been having a wonderful, happy time. Your yarns are all so pretty -- I just love the one in the last picture that you're currently spinning -- beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The cardigan will look great with that yarn! Wow!

Marianne said...

So not boring! What fabulous times and a belated happy anniversary to you two precious love birds :^)

Dorothy said...

I've been trying to tell myself I don't need a Louet Victoria and I can live without going to KnitNation - now I know I'm wrong and I want both!!

Michaela said...

Why doesn't anyone ever take a flattering photo of me?!

Linda said...

Lovely news from you and I do like the spindles.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally happy with my Victoria, love it to pieces, it's so easy to haul around in its case.

Is that an IST spindle? It's great to see it alongside our Jenkins. I've been wondering how they match-up. But... you haven't seen our kuchulus or Larks now have you? ;)

Your spinning is gorgeous!

haulwen said...

Well, well, well! We met at Wonderwool and you ended up practically opposite my house in Llanwrtyd Wells. I know we don't live far from the show but...

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