Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting up to speed...

Nella is finished and blocked...more info here

A dress for one of Ali's girls, still don't know which one it fitted but I loved making it. An Oliver & S Pattern, Jumprope Dress

On 9th May Barry took me to Beth Chatto's gardens...simply beautiful, you can see some more of my photos here
I have a new baby wheel, a Louet Victoria, so I am all set for taking a spinning wheel with me to Guild and the Lexi Boeger class in July..

I think that brings me up to speed, sorry it's a bit abrupt...I was in the ED this morning at about 6am...I had been in dreadful pain since 12.30, an hour after going to bed. Apparently it is probably my gall bladder. I am shattered now, no sleep last night and a dull ache, still I have some good pain killers should it get worse again. I will be having a scan soon, just have to wait for my appointment to come through...


angela said...

Oh dear. With laser surgery it's easier to take out the gall bladder, but I understand that if it's too big they have to do it the old way. Husband's a nurse.

Love that wheel.

Marianne said...

Nella is a Beauty, as is that sweet Summer frock!
Oh dear, sending loads of soothing healing thoughts, hoping all is well, just a simple easy to deal with glitch. xox

KSee said...

love all the close ups. You are a very creative and busy gal.

The gall bladder is another story all together. You are probably at the peak where removal may be the only way to go.

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