Thursday, June 03, 2010

WWII Re-Enactment

Bank Holiday Monday was spent at Kentwell. The weather was so dull and a bit wet but we had a good time. This is Maisie (wearing the Gaenor Scarf) and her friend Kylie. Not sure the girls enjoyed it as much as we did but they look lovely in this photo :)
I love the milk bottle in this shot, we sampled the Marmalade Bread Pudding, it was very tasty considering it contained no butter or sugar...I Know eggs were also rationed so it may have contained some dried egg. The two ladies working in the kitchen were very well informed and quite eager to chat to me about the meal they had cooked for the family. It smelled like school dinners, rather a lot of cabbage was in evidence!
We took this shot on our walk round the house, something we do if we see each other in a mirror as we go on our travels. Apparently, we started doing this in 2005!
This lovely lady stopped her chores in the kitchen to watch the Morris Dancing, did I ever tell you that i used to do a bit of Morris Dancing..never came to much as it was expected of me to be available at weekends and I couldn't leave my babies. I wonder if my friend Chris will read this, it was Chris that introduced me to Morris dancing lol. I love the look of disbelief on peoples faces when I tell them I used to do it...

You can see the whole album of photos here

Barry is playing in his band on Sunday so if the weather is good I shall take my knitting and Kath Kidson chair to sit and listen. I loves me a brass band, specially when my man is playing!

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Alison Georgia said...

Looks like you had a wonderful half term! x

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