Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tour de Fleece

I have to say that this is one of the easiest cardigans to make, I actually knitted it in 4 days, well that's not strictly true as I mostly knitted it in the evenings. I love the sheen and the haze you get with this pretty fibre, it drafts like a dream and is very easy to spin. I must try it out on some fine spinning next.
I haven't been knitting so many socks as I did last year but when this pack arrived from my KnitLove sock club I immediately wanted to cast them on. They are called Caretta Caretta and are made from the most beautiful yarn with added cashmere and silk. I think it might have been the beads that was the lure for me, I can't resist a bit of glitz! The fit like a dream, I have learnt to knit my socks on a size smaller needles than the pattern says, I hate a baggy sock!!
I am in, you know, that Tour de Fleece race! Not sure how well I'll do though, I'll do my best but as it is only 2 days to my op I don't think I'll be getting too much done for a few days after tomorrow.

I also finished this pretty dress but I don't now what planet I was on when I was sewing it cos it is too big for me!I can wrap it round with an overlap of at least 3 inches, I guess my diet is working lol. I even fitted it on busty Bertha as you can see but it is too big for her too doh! lol Anyway, I have sold it, and it is going to a really good home. I only wanted to cover the costs of the materials so that I can make myself another one. I love everything about this dress, so shapely, the fabric is very pretty and luckily, I managed to find a different supplier with just enough for another attempt. Oh and if you go to the Vogue link above, you will notice that their patterns are all on offer for a few days, absolute bargains, I have ordered three new ones, I find that I never get stung for import tax by buying three and the postage is the same whether you by 1 2 or 3! I have signed up for the newsletter so I never miss an offer but this one is exceptionally good, something to do with 4th July or Oh and they usually take just a week to arrive!

Have fun, I am going to be spinning in public tomorrow, making the most of this gorgeous weather. Barry is playing his trumpet Cornet again in the Somersham Town Band at 2.30pm Church Green Ramsey if anyone cares to join me...would be lovely to have some company, bring along your spinning, knitting, or anything or just yourselves, and something to sit on!

I am starting to feel a bit jittery about it all now, but also I am looking forward to being pain free again. My orders are all up to date, just got one spin a cardi pack drying on the line right now and Barry will post that for me next week.

I have cast on a darling pattern, it is called Cloud Chaser designed by the talented Amy Swenson, she knows my style that girl, I already made myself an Elswhere cardigan and love it to bits. I am using some delightful yarn, Willow Tweed by Louisa Harding in a pretty shade of aqua blue. The Yarn has tiny clouds of white throughout, which gives it the tweed effect and it is very well suited to the drape in this pattern. I am hoping the cables and clever design will keep me quiet when I am waiting to go down for my op, and again when I am recovering....

Thoroughly enjoyed watching Wimbledon so far, so sad to see Murray lose yesterday, how sad was he?!? it was quite painful to watch him being interviewed afterwards, poor chap.

I'll leave you with a photo of my handsome Barry in his rather too big Band jacket, he is waiting for a smaller one to arrive but he still looks lovely in it, well I think so xxx

Have a good weekend :)


Marianne said...

Beautiful cardi! and ooooh, the dress is Lovely! Brava for both! and congrats (??) that the dress is too large now (hee), glad to hear you'll be sewing another one to fit :^)
Sending my very best for your upcoming op, hugs.

razmabaz said...

You're a good friend Marianne - even though we have never met you. Thank you.... it means a lot.

sulkycat said...

thanks for the heads on about the patterns, have just ordered three and its cheaper even with postage than buying them from town! happy spinning

hakucho said...

Your dress is are a very talented seamstress!!

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